HVAC Courses

CST105 Industrial Computer Applications (2)

This is an introductory course appropriate for all technical and skilled trade students.  This course is designed to provide computer familiarity, not proficiency.  Industrial applications of computers will be stressed.  Computer software, storage/input/output devices, and controls as they apply to industry will be explored. The course is competency based and will provide the student with experiences and demonstrations in keyboarding, window programs, word processing, spreadsheets, computer graphics, and email. The student will learn the basic features and functions of the Internet, Outlook, Word, and Excel. The student will also learn about basic computer concepts and internet skills.

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HVA102 Blueprint Reading and Sketching (2)

This course will introduce students to a basic set of house plans including the plan views, elevations, framing, wall sections and details. Students will be able to read these prints and sketch details and layouts of specific items that relate to their occupational area.

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HVA103 Hand and Power Tools (1)

This course covers the various hand and power tools used in the construction industry specifically as it relates to those in HVAC and plumbing occupational areas. The correct and safe use of hand and power tools will be emphasized. Students will be required to pass a written and performance safety test on all power equipment in their area.

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HVA104 Safety Orientation/OSHA 10 (1)

This course will explain job/site safety and precautions for job/site hazards; determine the uses of personal protective equipment (PPE); identify the safety equipment and procedures related to safe work practices and environment; identify fire prevention and protection techniques; explore Hazardous Communications (HazCom) including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDA).

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HVA106 Technical Math (2)

This course is designed to provide students a review of the basic principles of math, which include whole numbers, common and decimal fractions, ratio proportions and percent algebra, the metric system and basic geometric shapes and graphs.

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HVA112 EPA 608 (1)

Students will be certified in federal regulations of safe refrigerant handling practices. Successful completion of the certification course is required for technicians to work with and purchase refrigerants.

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HVA118 Electrical Fundamentals (4)

This course covers generating electricity, types of electricity- direct (DC) and alternating (AC) current circuit fundamentals, magnetism, and electrical components.

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HVA121 Domestic Refrigeration (3)

This course covers terminology associated with domestic refrigeration, identification of types of domestic refrigeration, location of data plates and their purpose. Also covered will be sealed system components, what their function is and how they operate, as well as locating and solving programs in a domestic refrigeration system in a safe manner.

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HVA122 HVAC Fundamentals (4)

This course is designed to introduce students to the broader picture that is HVAC. Students will become familiar with trade related organizations, job requirements, gain skills in soldering and brazing, and demonstrate learned skills to service and repair air conditioning systems. Students must earn a C grade or better in this course in order to advance to the next course.

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HVA126 Plumbing I (2)

This unit covers the plumbing system of a structure including water supply distribution pipes; fixtures and fixture traps; soil, waste and vent pipes; building drains and building sewers; storm water drainage and their devices; appurtenances and connections within the building and outside the building within the property lines. All plumbing is taught to specifications of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

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HVA136 Electric Circuits and Controls (3)

Prerequisite: HVA115

This course includes electric control circuits in ladder diagram and pictorial form. Also covered will be icemaker diagrams, comfort cooling controls, central air-conditioning controls, pressure motor controls, motor safety controls, defrost controls and humidity controls.

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HVA140 Workplace Skills (1)

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to identify the job skills necessary to have a successful career in the field of their choice. Topics included listening skills, oral communication, human  relations, decision making/problem solving, how to work as a team, time and resource management, work ethics, career planning and resume building.

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HVA145 Sheet Metal (3)

This course is designed to introduce the student to pattern development and fabrication of fittings used in the heating/air conditioning industry in a safe and proper manner.

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HVA158 Heating System Fundamentals (3)

This course is designed to introduce the student to terminology associated with heating and humidification. Gas/electric heating systems and heat pumps will be covered. Also covered will be the installation, operation, and service procedures need to safely operate heating equipment.

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HVA170 Air Conditioning Control Systems (3)

This course is designed to help students to understand the operation of the control systems in heating and cooling equipment as well as heat pump control systems. Sequence of operation of the controls will be covered.

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HVA175 Commercial Refrigeration (3)

This course covers terminology associated with heating and humidification. Heating equipment covered will include; gas heating systems, hydraulic heating and electric heating and oil heating. In addition, humidification will be covered.

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HVA181 Plumbing II (2)

Prerequisite: HVA126
This course is a continuation of Plumbing I dealing with the development of technical skills and knowledge of the trade.

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HVA195 Occupational Work Experience (0)

This course is designed to have the student ready for employment in the HVAC/Plumbing industry. The student will have a resume to present to future employers and may be engaged in an OJT opportunity.

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