In accordance with HB 2105, signed into law on April 14th, 2024, Highland Community College does not condition admission or educational aid to an applicant for admission, hiring an applicant for employment or hiring, reappointing or promoting a faculty member, on the applicant's or faculty member's pledging allegiance to or making a statement of personal support for or opposition to any political ideology or movement, including a pledge or statement regarding diversity, equity or inclusion, or to request or require any such pledge or statement from an applicant or faculty member.

The College does not require any form of Diversity Equity or Inclusion (DEI) pledge, allegiance, or oath.

The College follows all required federal equal opportunity employment and Title IX requirements. The College has a notice of non-discrimination displayed on its website and the notice of non-discrimination statement is utilized in all job advertisements. Highland Community College greatly values everyone and is committed to serving all individuals.

The links below include the college policies related to non-discrimination and related subjects required by HB 2015:

Equity Grievance Policy

The links below include trainings required to be posted per Kansas House Bill 2105:



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