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Highland Community College, the first college in Kansas, provides lifelong learning opportunities and contributes to economic development to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

The college also exists to serve each student. It provides educational leadership to help each individual become a well-informed, responsible citizen and a productive member of society.


Highland Community College began as Highland University in 1858, making it the first college in Kansas.  After eight name changes, the college is now in its 150th year of providing higher education opportunities to the people of Northeast Kansas.  The college has traditionally prepared students to continue their studies at baccalaureate institutions.  Studies conducted at the Regents universities in Kansas show that students who begin their college careers at HCC and then transfer do as well or better academically as all other students who transfer to those universities and those who start there.

Approximately 2,700 students are enrolled on the main campus or at our 33 regional locations in our nine county service area. The 33 locations are coordinated by six regional centers.  HCC offers Associate degrees in 50 concentration areas and has 15 programs that are technical education degrees. The main campus is located in a small, rural Northeast Kansas community surrounded by agricultural land. The main campus has 18 apartment-style residence halls, one being a living/learning center for Fine Arts students.

The history and mission of the college can best be described as providing opportunities for higher education that citizens in the region would not have had otherwise. Whether as a conduit to a four-year degree, for professional enhancement, or personal development, the college has provided affordable access to higher education in Northeast Kansas.

Today, the college is financially sound and serving more students than any time in its history. The college is governed by a six member Board of Trustees elected from Doniphan County and is coordinated by the Kansas Board of Regents.

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