Academic Tutoring

Tutoring at Highland Community College is in the HCC Library!

Highland Community College (HCC) is happy to offer tutoring. Please be prepared to work with the assigned tutor during the assigned time. Have your book, assignment, and questions ready to share with the tutor.  HCC utilizes peer tutors, current HCC students, to work as our tutors. Thank you for being flexible and understanding as we try to best assist you with your tutoring needs during this semester.


ZOOM TUTORING:  If you are unable to come to the Highland campus for in-person tutoring, you can request Zoom Tutoring. To set up a Zoom tutoring appointment, please email Below are the classes available and the times the tutors are working. 




If you need some extra practice with your grammar and mechanics, we recommend the Purdue Online Writing Lab Exercises Webpage at

You will find a variety of helpful exercises which will allow you the opportunity to brush up on your basic English skills.



If you need extra practice with your math and algebra skills, we recommend the following websites:



If you need assistance with a subject not listed above please see our tutors.  We will make every effort to get you the assistance you need.  

If you are in the Student Support Services (SSS) program, here is the link to their tutoring website

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