Anthropology Courses

ANT100 Introduction to Archaeology (3)

This course will provide a general survey of archaeology and the history of archaeology.  The course will emphasize the impact and importance of major discoveries and the relevance of archaeology as it relates to history. The course will include a general survey of world prehistory revealing major cultural changes from the development of early foraging societies through the rise of agricultural and complex communities. The course will also examine prehistoric cultures and their evolution in adaptive responses to changing natural and social environments from the early Paleolithic to the emergence of urban civilizations.

ANT112 General Anthropology (3)

This survey course will cover the biological and cultural evolution of humans and will emphasize culture as an adaptive and learned behavior necessary for survival. The four fields of anthropology will be introduced as well as perspectives on anthropological culture, cultural diversity, and the value of multiculturalism. The course will also focus on race, emergence of civilizations, survival needs and skills, agriculture, horticulture, contraception, economic development, language, marriage and family, kinship and descent, sex and gender, political organization, civilization, social control, social stratification, supernatural beliefs, art, globalization, and cultural change.

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