Practical Nursing (1 yr)

The Practical Nursing program at Highland Community College Technical Center in Atchison, Kansas prepares students for employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Students will obtain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in passing the National Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). Students will complete a nine-month course of study.

Licensed Practical Nurses play an important role in performing tasks in a variety of settings including long-term care facilities, doctor's offices, correctional facilities, hospitals, and many more medical venues. Licensed Practical Nurses work under the direction of Registered Nurses, advanced practice personnel and physicians. Some LPNs choose to continue their education toward Registered Nurse (RN).

Pre-Requisites for PN Program

Students are required to have an active CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) Certificate and take the following hours prior to entering the PN Program:

  • Composition I (ENG 101) - 3 credit hours
  • Human Growth and Development (PSY 205) - 3 credit hours
  • Human Anatomy with lab (BS 104) - 4 credit hours
  • Human Physiology with lab (BS 105) - 4 credit hours 

(There is a 7-year expiration date for the Human Anatomy and Human Physiology pre-requisites. If over 7 years, please contact the Nursing Department.)


PN students begin classes at the Technical Center in Atchison, Kansas each August and finish in May. Application materials (Nursing Program Application; Test Results; Transcripts; etc.) are due by April 1 each year. Forty students are accepted into the PN program each year. Students should contact the nursing department to obtain an informational packet with comprehensive application requirements by emailing

Applicant's file must contain the following in order to interview:

  1. HCC Online Application with correct major/program and semester (select practical nursing and fall.)
  2. ATI TEAS Test: Minimum average score of 58.7%. Bring photo ID, arrive 15 minutes prior to start time, plan on two-plus hours, the fee is $80. Call (785) 442-6233 for open test dates.
  3. Work Keys Scores: Level 5 for Applied Math and level 6 for Workplace Documents. Plan on two-plus hours for these tests. The fee is $15 for each test for a total of $30.
  4. Active CNA certification in Kansas or it's equivalent if from another state.
  5. Proof of graduation from high school or completion of GED.
  6. Letter of reference (form provided in information packet) from most recent employer that recommends applicant.
  7. Transcripts from all previous schools attended, especially those verifying C or better grades for required prerequisites: Anatomy & Physiology (minimum of 5 credit hours with lab), Composition I (3 credit hours), and Human Growth and Development (3 credit hours).

The Selection Process is Point Driven:

An applicant’s file is complete when items 1-7 are in his/her file.  Applicants whose files are complete are scheduled for the group interview around April 1st.  As part of the interview, applicants will be given points for punctuality, attire, and basic math calculations..  A point system is used to determine the best-qualified applicants who are then sent letters of acceptance.  These individuals must respond to their acceptance letter by the date indicated in the letter.  Failure to return the acceptance by the date provided will result in the loss of a position in the class. 


All application materials must be in the nursing office in Atchison, Kansas by April 1. Applicants will be directed as to how to obtain a criminal background check and a drug screen in the acceptance letter after official acceptance into the program. Nursing applicants must be 18 years old by graduation from the Practical Nursing Program and able to perform the physical and mental activities required of nurses.


Come visit our Practical Nursing Program to see if we are the right fit for you! Call us at 785-442-6180 to schedule your visit to Highland Community College Technical Center in Atchison, Kansas.

HCC Nursing Programs are approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN).

The curriculum for both the LPN - RN Program and the PN Program support the statewide alignment as outlined by the Kansas Post-secondary Technical Education Authority (TEA) under the auspices of KBOR as approved by KSBN.

Here are a few helpful resources:


  Composition I (ENG 101) 3
  Human Growth and Development (PSY 205) 3
  Human Anatomy with Lab (BS 104) 4
  Human Physiology with Lab (BS 105) 4
  Total Credits for Prerequisites 14
First Semester    
NUR103 PN Success 1
NUR106 KSPN Foundations of Nursing 4
NUR109 KSPN Fundamentals of Pharmacology & Safe Medication Administration 2
NUR122 KSPN Nursing Care of Adults I 5
NUR126 KSPN Foundations of Nursing Clinical 2
NUR127 KSPN Nursing Care of Adults I Clinical 2
  Total for First Semester 16
Second Semester    
NUR150 KSPN Care of Aging Adults 2
NUR156 KSPN Mental Health Nursing 2
NUR157 KSPN Maternal Child Nursing 2
NUR159 KSPN Nursing Care of Adults II 5
NUR163 KSPN Leadership, Roles, and Issues 2
NUR168 KSPN Maternal Child Nursing Clinical 1
NUR170 KSPN Nursing Care of Adults II Clinical 2
  Total for Second Semester 16
  Total Credits for Certificate 32
  Total Credits for Certificate (including prerequisites) 46


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