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Engineering Graphics and Technologies (2 yr)

If you enjoy a challenge and working on the computer then Engineering Graphics & Technologies is the right fit for you!

Learn the latest in Engineering Graphics & Technologies (EGT) in Highland Community College's 18-month technical program. Students learn to translate ideas into reality. At the completion of this hands-on program, students can enter the job market equipped to make working plans and models. 

Visit Highland Community College Technical Center to meet the instructor and make your dream a reality!

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First Semester   Credits
CAD101 Technical Drawing I 4
CAD111 Operating Systems 4
CAD122 Measurements 3
CAD131 Computer Graphics I 5
  Total for First Semester 16
Second Semester    
CAD151 Technical Drawing II 4
CAD162 Word Processing 2
CAD172 Algebra 2
CAD182 Computer Graphics II 5
  Total for Second Semester 13
  Total for First Year 29
Third Semeseter    
CAD201 Technical Drawing III 4
CAD211 Spreadsheets 3
CAD221 Geometry 2
CAD232 Computer Graphics III 5
  Total for Third Semester 14
Fourth Semester    
CAD251 Technical Drawing IV 4
CAD261 Database 4
CAD271 Trigonometry 2
CAD282 Computer Graphics IV 5
  Total for Fourth Semester 15
  Total for Second Year 29
  Total Credits for Certificate 58
CAD295 Occupational Work Experience