Highland Community College

Library Services

Interlibrary Loans

If you are unable to find resource material you need for your work, you can make a request to locate those materials at another library.  This is know as an interlibrary loan.

Requests for interlibrary loans may be made by students, faculty, staff, and community patrons. Due to the high cost of interlibrary loans, there are rules involved:  An honest effort to locate information in the Library is expected. No more than eight requests per person, per week will be accepted. Fines will be assessed for all overdues. Any charges for borrowing will be passed on to the requester.

The Library assistant may refuse to make an interlibrary loan if she/he feels the requester has abused the privilege of borrowing. After two requests per item have not been successful, the Library will decline to try again. It is desirable that no one ask for interlibrary loans if the item can be obtained by the requester at another easily accessible library.

No interlibrary loans will be requested after two weeks before the last day of the fall and spring semesters or summer sessions.

Videocassettes loaned to other libraries are subject to the U.S. copyright laws. The videos are loaned for two weeks, may be sent and returned in boxed packaging or jiffy bag mailers. Abuse of the materials or abuse of the privilege of borrowing our videocassettes, such as excessive overdues, may result in ending service.

Word Processor

Eight computers and a printer for public use are located in the computer section. The computers have a maximum of 30 minutes use, but may continue to be used if no one is waiting. Computer printing costs 5¢ per page.


Faxes may be sent from or received at the Library for $1.00 per page


Photocopying is available in the Library at 10¢ per page.

Office Supplies

A three-hole punch, a stapler, and pencils are available for use in the Library. All other supplies can be obtained through the College Bookstore located on the lower floor of the Library-Student Union building.

Incoming Telephone Calls

Calls for students will not be available except from a parent or in case of an emergency. Messages may be left for a student.

Library Telephone

The Library telephone may not be used for making calls by patrons. There is a pay phone in the Student Union.