Highland Community College

Diesel Technology (2 yr)


Love to get your hands dirty? The Diesel Technology program at Highland Community College Technical Center may have just what you're looking for!

Responsibilities of trained diesel technicians are becoming more complex as more electronic components control engines. Students are trained to maintain, diagnose, and repair diesel engines. Much of the instruction is hands-on working in a "live" diesel shop. 

Visit our diesel shop and meet our instructors. See if our Diesel Technology Program is what you're looking for! Call 913-367-6204 to schedule a tour!

Here are some helpful resources:


First Semester   Credits
DSL101 Shop Safety I 1
DSL111 Fund./Operating Principles 4
DSL121 Engine Maintenance 2
DSL132 Engine Overhaul 5
DSL141 Welding and Fabrication Lab 2
  Total for First Semester 14
Second Semester    
DSL152 Fuel System Diagnosis/Repair 4
DSL161 Intro to Electronic Diag. & Repair 4
DSL171 Intro to Clutch & Power Train 3
DSL182 Introduction to Hydraulics 3
  Total for Second Semester 14
  Total for First Year 28
Third Semester    
DSL201 Shop Safety II 1
DSL212 Advanced Engine Overhaul 3
DSL222 Adv. Electronic Diagnosis/Repair 5
DSL232 Hydraulic Diagnosis/Repair 3
  Total for Third Semester 12
Fourth Semester    
DSL251 Electronic-Computer Diag./Repair 3
DSL261 Air Conditioning Diag./Repair 3
DSL271 Brakes & Suspension Diag./Repair 3
DSL275 Diesel Management 3
DSL281 Transmission Overhaul/Diagnosis 3
DSL291 Advanced Clutch & Power Train 3
  Total for Fourth Semester 18
  Total for Second Year 30
  Total Credits for Certificate 58
DSL295 Occupational Work Experience