Automotive Technology (2 yr)

1Looking to jump start your career? Consider Automotive Technology! As a full-time time student, this program gives graduates the opportunity to enter the workforce in 18-months. Our Auto Technology program is ASE Education Foundation (formerly NATEF - National Automotive Technician Education Foundation) certified.  During the program student will take ASE entry-level certification tests.  ASE entry-level certifications can be thought of as the first step in buiding a career as a service professional. 

Students in the Auto Technology program learn to use up-to-date equipment and tools. ALLDATA and Mitchell-On-Demand programs are used in diagnosing and repairing vehicles. The program gives students the technical instruction and hands-on/live work experience necessary for ASE certification.

Drive into excellence with a career in Auto Technology from Highland Community College Technical Center!

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First Semester   Credits
AUT101 Electrical I 3
AUT121 Auto Electricity and Electronics 2
AUT122 Brakes I 3
AUT142 Automotive Technology Lab I
  Total for First Semester 13 
Second Semester    
AUT132 Engine Performance I 3
AUT151 Heating and Air Conditioning 2
AUT161 Suspension and Steering I 3
AUT192 Automotive Technology Lab II
  Total for Second Semester 13 
  Total for First Year 26
Third Semester    
AUT193 Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles 1
AUT201 Manual Drive Trains and Axles 2
AUT211 Auto Transmissions/Transaxles I 2
AUT221 Engine Performance/Drivability II 2
AUT242 Automotive Technology Lab III 7
  Total for Third Semester 14
Fourth Semester    
AUT251 Engine Repair 2
AUT255 Auto Transmissions/Transaxles II 1
AUT261 Auto Service Management 2
AUT281 Automotive Technology Lab IV 7
AUT291 Service Management Practicum 1
  Total for Fourth Semester 13
  Total for Second Year 27
  Total Program Credits 53


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