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These transfer guides have been developed to assist HCC students in making the smoothest possible transition to other institutions of higher learning. In transferring, nothing will substitute for sound planning. Students should consult closely with their advisor and the college they are transferring to ensure they enroll in courses that transfer. If you have questions about the information in these guides, or transferring credit in general, please contact Dr. Erin Shaw, Vice President for Academic Affairs at 785-442-6012. 

Kansas Board of Regents Seamless Transfer

A seamless educational system offers the best resources to provide a high quality education by providing a smooth transition from one level of learning to the next level, including graduate and professional education.  The Kansas Board of Regents has adopted a seamless transfer policy for Kansas public postsecondary educational institutions.  Students transferring to Kansas public universities with a completed AA or AS degree shall be given junior standing.

KBOR Transfer and Articulation Web Site

Kansas Systemwide Transfer Course Matrix


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Transfer Codes

  • TE: Course transfers as an equivalent course to the receiving institution.
  • TR: Course transfers to receiving institution as an elective*
  • TS: Course transfers as an elective or equivalent upon departmental approval**
  • NT: Course does not transfer to receiving institution

*Elective credit: Many, but not all, programs have a specified number of electives that count toward a degree. Students should plan their course of study carefully so as to not accumulate more elective hours than they need. While all electives will transfer, the student may graduate with more than the usual number of hours required for the bachelor's degree.

**Stipulation: A stipulation usually requires the student to prove that their academic level is similar to that of other students in the course. Providing work from the class, the syllabus, the textbook used or taking a test to assess the abilities of the student can do this.


These guides are just that - guides of transferring credit to the institutions listed below. These are not articulation agreements. These are not contracts between the student and the colleges listed, or Highland Community College. All courses are subject to final acceptance.

Note: The following files are rather large and may require some time to download, please be patient. If you need to frequently consult these guides you may wish to save the files to your hard drive.