Credit for Prior Learning

Kansas Army National Guard and Reservists
Members of the Kansas Army National Guard can attend Highland Community College under an agreement between the Kansas Army National Guard and Kansas community colleges. The agreement allows Guard members to transfer military training and experiences under the recommendations of the American Council of Education (ACE) to Highland Community College and to gain credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Generally, the Guard member must earn a minimum of sixty-three credit hours of which sixteen (16) hours must be in residency (on campus, regional site, or online) at Highland Community College. Guard members must earn the sixteen hours within two years of their graduation date.

Credit by Assessment
Highland Community College accepts College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits by examination. The CLEP permits students of any age or education level to gain college credit, following satisfactory completion of CLEP examinations. Highland Community College serves as a testing center along with other community colleges, colleges, and universities around the United States.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
CLEP exams offered are sufficiently challenging to an individual who has a significant background in the subject area. Study guides with sample test questions are available online at Highland Community College is a CLEP Open Test Center. This means that the CLEP Coordinator will administer the CLEP examinations upon receipt of the completed “Request for College Credit” form and fees from the individual requesting the service. However, students seeking a degree program from HCC are reminded to review institutional policies concerning CLEP credit and confer with the Registrar for permission to test. More information at

Registering for CLEP Exams
1. Obtain a “Request for College Credit” form, from the Testing Coordinator.

2. Discuss taking a CLEP examination with the Registrar. If approved, then the Testing Coordinator and the Registrar must sign the “Request for College Credit”.

3. Schedule a date and time with the Testing Coordinator to take the test.

4. On test date, take the completed “Request for College Credit “ form and two checks: One payable to CLEP for the amount of the exam(s) and one payable to Highland Community College for the amount of the administrative fee. Credit cards are accepted. (English Literature and American Literature ONLY require additional fees.)

HCC CLEP Policy Subject Examinations
1. The Registrar must grant approval for a student (those seeking a degree from HCC) to take a subject level exam on the basis of an interview.

2. A passing score on the examination shall be the mean score achieved by “C” students in the national norm sample.

3. Sixteen (16) semester hours of credit is the maximum allowed toward a degree program through CLEP. Credit can be used to meet course requirements in a major field of study, general studies program or other appropriate areas.

4. CLEP credit earned does not count toward course load in any term.

5. Students who fail a course offered by Highland Community College cannot be approved for a CLEP subject examination covering similar content.

6. Subject examinations may be repeated with written authorization obtained in advance from the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB), once within a 12-month period but no sooner than six months after the student was last tested.

Highland Community College will accept CLEP credit for the following courses if the scores meet the minimum score required for each course. Minimum scores are the credit-granting scores recommended by the American Council on Education. No more than sixteen (16) credit hours of CLEP credit will be accepted at HCC. A student’s transcript will designate all credits earned through CLEP.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Guidelines for Awarding College Credit for CLEP Subject Examinations

Subject Examinations HCC Course Equivalent Minimum Acceptable Amt of Credit Awarded
American Government POL100 50 3
History of the United States I HIS101 50 3
History of the United States II HIS102 50 3
American Literature ENG202/ENG209 50 6
Biology* BS 101 50 5
Calculus MAT106 50 3
Chemistry* PS 111/PS 112 50 10
College Algebra MAT104 50 3
College Composition ENG101 50 3
English Literature ENG212/ENG213 50 6
Introduction to Educational Psychology PSY201 50 3
Introductory Psychology PSY101 50 3
Human Growth & Development PSY205 50 3
Principles of Management BUS201 50 3
Financial Accounting BUS200 50 3
Introductory Business Law BUS205 50 3
Principles of Macroeconomics BUS203 50 3
Principles of Microeconomics BUS204 50 3
Principles of Marketing BUS210 50 3
Introductory Sociology SOC101 50 3
Spanish Language Varies Varies Varies
Western Civilization I HIS103 50 3
Western Civilization II HIS104 50 3


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