Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling offers you the opportunity to discuss important issues in your life in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere.  Often students just need an open mind and unbiased opinion to help them resolve situations.  Counseling at HCC offers you that resource. 


Is my concern serious enough to seek counseling?

If you have a concern or problem you are trying to work through don’t hesitate to come seek support at the Counseling Center. It is generally best to resolve something which seems of little concern before it turns into a bigger problem. Students seek assistance from the counseling office with a wide range of concerns.  If it is important to you then please make an appointment.


Who will know I’m seeing the Counselor?

Counseling sessions are confidential.  Counseling is most effective when students can be open and honest about their concerns without fear their private information will be shared.  Your written permission is required to share confidential information, except in situations where you or others may be in danger, in cases of abuse, or by a court order or as otherwise mandated by law.


How much does it cost?

As a student at Highland Community College, counseling services are offered free of charge. Services sought outside of HCC are the responsibility of the student. 


How many counseling sessions will I need to attend?

The HCC counseling office provides short term counseling services to students.  You and the counselor will decide what is appropriate for your circumstance.  Although there is no limit to the number of sessions you may attend, if your area of concern is outside the scope of expertise of the counselor or long term intensive therapy is more appropriate, referrals will be given.   

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