Step 1 Apply for Federal Financial Aid
Complete the FAFSA online at
Priority date: April 1st. HCC school code is 001921.
Step 2 Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)
You will receive a SAR approximately 3-4 weeks after you complete the FAFSA. Review information to be sure it is correct. If corrections need to be made, make the corrections online. If you have questions concerning your SAR, contact the processor at 800-433-3243.
Step 3 Complete Verification (If Selected)
If your application is selected for verification by the processor or by HCC, you will be contacted by Verification Gateway, where you will need to complete the required documents and submit any documents required. If you have questions about the verification process, you can contact Verification Gateway at 888-374-8427, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm or e-mail them at
Step 4 The Financial Aid Award Notification
Review, complete, sign, and return your Financial Aid Award Notification. Be sure to note those items you want to accept or decline. Return one copy to the HCC Financial Aid Office within 30 days and keep one copy for your records. This will be needed if enrolling regionally to show proof of payment. Other information included with notification is the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
Step 5 Federal Direct Loans
If you accept a Federal Direct Loan, you must complete an electronic Master Promissory Note. This can be found online at Funds cannot be disbursed without a completed promissory note. All first time borrowers must complete entrance counseling. This can be done online at
Step 6 Transferring to HCC
To transfer from one school to another, a student must add the new school's federal code to the FAFSA report. To do this, you must contact the government at 1-800-433-3243 and add HCC's code (001921) or you may go online ( to add HCC's school code. Once this change has been processed by the government, HCC will then receive your financial aid information and begin the processing of aid. You may be asked to provide verification information as you did the prior school before an Award Notification is issued to you.
Step 7 Review of other information
You must be in at least six credit hours to be considered for any student loan.    


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