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Kansas Community Colleges Celebrate Impactful Contribution to the Kansas Economy

published April 19, 2024Kansas Community Colleges Celebrate Impactful Contribution to the Kansas Economy

Elevating Affordable Transfer Programs and Career and Technical Education

Kansas community colleges invite citizens to join them in celebrating National Community College Month in April. With community colleges spread across the state, these institutions drive economic growth, provide the workforce critical to the state's economy, and foster educational opportunities that make possible prosperous economic futures for students. Without a doubt, Kansas community colleges are game changers for the students they serve.

An economic study released in November 2023 by Lightcast, a labor market analytics firm, found that between 2021 – 2022 Kansas’ community colleges added $6.7 billion in income to the state economy, or approximately 3.3% of Kansas’ gross state product (GSP).

The affordability of community colleges is a major financial advantage to students. Kansas’ robust network of community colleges served more than 90,000 students in 2023.

"Kansas community colleges are undoubtedly the best value in higher education—whether a student is seeking a pathway to a four-year degree or wants to receive the education needed to go directly into a skilled trade, Kansas community colleges are ready to serve students of all ages at an affordable price," said Heather Morgan, executive director of the Kansas Association of Community Colleges. 

National Community College Month serves as an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the transformative power of community colleges, which continue to bridge the gap between the unskilled and a trained workforce. Career-focused programs, flexible schedules, and lower tuition have afforded thousands of Kansans the opportunity to achieve their educational and professional aspirations.

Since its establishment in 1858, Highland Community College has upheld its mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities and contribute to the economic development enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serves. HCC continues to promote education through classes taught on its traditional campus in Highland and its technical centers in Atchison and Baileyville. Highland also provides a variety of online classes through the HCC online department and classes for college credit to high schoolers through its Early College department.

Most recently, the HCC Board of Trustees lowered the cost of classes for Early College classes to $65 per credit hour making degree attainment more accessible for high school students and their families.

“We desire to uphold HCC’s mission to make education and workforce training available to Kansans. It’s an honor to provide multiple avenues for students to reach their goals while positively impacting communities around us at an affordable rate,” said Deborah Fox, Highland Community College President.

To see a full list of available classes and technical programs visit our website at highlandcc.edu. If you have questions about the admissions or enrollment process, email our admissions department at admissions@highlandcc.edu.  

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