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2024 Tailgate Information                  


Get your tailgate spot for the fall 2024 football season! ALL FUNDS collected will be used for HCC Alumni Scholarships.  Your spot can be reserved for the season (5 home games) which includes your tent spot, parking spot and two game passes. 


August 31 @ 4:00  *  Sept 21 @ 1:00  *  Sept 28 @ 1:00  *  October 12 @ 1:00  *  November 16 @ 1:00 



Tailgate and parking spots will be located north of the library and tailgate spots will be the same for each game. Prime tailgating spots are available on the fence of the Stadium for $200 SOLD OUT and the spots available in the library area lot for $100. Your fee for your Tailgate spot will include a vehicle parking spot in the library parking area. 

HCC Football Tailgating Information (updated 01/27/24)

In accordance with state and county health mandates and NJCAA, KJCCC AND HCC regulations, HCC has taken enhanced health and safety measures to protect our guests and athletes.  The following guidelines and policies will be in effect when you participate in the tailgating experience.
  1. Tailgate parking is located north of the Library/Student Union.  This parking lot will open two (2) hours prior to event start and must be cleared within 60 minutes of the event conclusion.
  2. NO recreational vehicles (RVs), trailers, or pull-behind grills/smokers will be allowed in the tailgate parking area.
  3. Parking spaces may not be reserved or saved for others. 
  4. Tailgate spots will be located along the fence on west side of stadium and at the north end of the parking lot with vehicles parked separately other parking areas. 
  5. No tents larger than 10’ x 10’ allowed. The tailgate spot is only 10x10 in size.
  6. No tobacco products can be used on campus at any time.
  7. Parking lot traffic-ways are not to be blocked for any reason and must remain open to vehicle traffic and emergency access at all times. 
  8. Household furniture intended for interior use, such as couches and recliners are prohibited in parking lots and tailgating areas. Lawn or bag chairs should be used.
  9. No glass or common bulk containers allowed. If you are drinking anything besides soda, tea, water or coffee, it should be in a cup AND REMAIN IN YOUR TAILGATE AREA OR YOU MAY LOSE YOUR TAILGATING PRIVILEDGES!

Trash and Recycling

Each individual is responsible for making sure that the tailgating area and grounds are maintained in a clean and orderly manner.  No trash or recyclable items are to be discarded anywhere except in trash containers placed by the College throughout the tailgate areas.  Littering of any form will not be tolerated. 


Tailgate spots are limited!

Tailgate Spot Passes

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