Financial Aid Programs

Federal Work Study

The College Work Study Program provides employment opportunity for students who have financial need and prefer to earn a share of their expenses. Students are awarded a dollar amount of earning eligibility and are not permitted to earn in excess of this amount. The number of hours you will work each week will vary according to the job and aid eligibility. You will be paid by the hour one time each month and your earnings will not be less than the minimum wage. All campus based federal financial aid is awarded contingent on the availability of funds.


The Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program

The Federal Direct Stafford Loan is a low interest loan made to you by the Federal Government to help you pay for your education. For new borrowers, the interest rate is variable and may change every July 1. The Federal Government pays the interest while you are in school.

This loan is "need based" and you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to determine your eligibility.


The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Program

The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is a low interest loan for students who do not qualify, in whole or in part, for subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans. The interest rate is the same as the Federal Direct Stafford Loan, but is not paid by the government while you are in school. Instead, you must pay all the interest that accrues on this loan during the time you are enrolled in school.


The Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program

The Federal Direct PLUS loan is a low interest loan for parents to aid in covering the student's cost of education. The interest rate is variable.


Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant

A Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is an award of money for undergraduate students who have financial need as determined by the approved need analysis service. The SEOG is non-repayable. It differs from the Pell grant in that it is not an entitlement and is awarded by the Financial Aid Office.


Pell Grant

The Pell Grant provides funds to financially qualified students. You may apply for a grant if you are an undergraduate student. There is no charge to have this application processed. Within six weeks after mailing your application, you will receive a Student Aid Report which may be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Your award will be calculated based upon your eligibility index number and the cost of education.


State of Kansas Scholarship

This program is administered by the Student Assistance Section of the Board of Regents and requires that a Kansas resident take the October or December ACT test. More information about this program can be obtained from your high school guidance counselor or the Student Assistance Section of the Board of Regents, Merchants National Bank Tower, Topeka, Kansas.


HCC Scholarships

Students receiving HCC Athletic Scholarships must meet NJCAA eligibility guidelines to renew their awards. Most HCC scholarships require students to complete a minimum of 12 hours per semester with a 2.0 GPA. Institutional scholarships do not allow for a probational semester. Students not meeting the necessary credits and/or GPA will not have their scholarships renewed for the succeeding semester.


HCC Technical Center Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Kansas Board of Regents Vocational Educational Scholarship
This is a scholarship administered by the Kansas Board of Regents. It provides up to $500 for those students who received one of the top scores on the qualifying exam and who attend a vocational program. Applications to take the scholarship exam may be obtained from Northeast Kansas Technical College, your high school counselor, or the Board of Regents office in Topeka, KS.   Applications are available in the financial aid office and at the Kansas Board of Regents website:

Kansas Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship is available to students enrolled in the Practical Nursing program. It is funded jointly by the State of Kansas and a medical sponsor, with a maximum award of $2,500. Applicants must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, the Kansas State Aid Application, and a Board of Regents application. All three required forms may be obtained from the Northeast Kansas Technical College Financial Aid Office or at the Kansas Board of Regent website:


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