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The IT Help Desk exists to provide efficient technology support to the Highland faculty, staff, and student body via phone and email. The help desk is designed to be the central point of contact for all the technology needs of the HCC community on the main campus and at each of our six regional locations.  We offer support for all Highland Community College standard software & hardware, as well as e-mail & network related problems on Windows and Mac platforms.  We also support the Highland website and other applications that run on the College’s campus-wide systems.  If your technical problem cannot be solved on initial contact, our objective is to resolve the issue in a timely and responsible manner once it has been placed in our hands.

The Highland IT Department uses an online problem tracking system called Track-IT.  We take a proactive approach to identifying and solving technology problems by tracking the variety of technical issues that we handle through the Track-IT web system.  The purpose and design of the Track-IT system is to better assist the HCC community in its use of computer technology on the Highland network by mapping consistent issues and areas in need of improvement.  All computer problems, questions, and work/repair requests are entered into this system, where the work progress is managed, and the resolution of the issue is recorded. This system has many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Submit requests/questions via e-mail to helpdesk@highlandcc.edu
  • Submit requests/questions online via the Help Desk system at "Submit IT Work Order"
  • Track the completion of your requests and view the full resolution notes.

Getting Support

Contacting the Help Desk is the quickest way to 
get immediate assistance with any technical need.

Phone: 785.442.6060
Email: helpdesk@highlandcc.edu

Highland Network Student Info

If you are a student looking for answers to specific IT questions 
and/or Highland network info, please click here.


For MyHCC training materials, please visit the Intranet. If you need instruction on how to do this, please click here.

If you would like to submit a request for a MyHCC training session with a member of our IT Staff, please click here.

To submit a request for MyHCC training with an IT staff member, please visit the MyHCC Training page on the Intranet and fill out the form.


  1. Click on the following link to: "Submit An IT Work Order" (Faculty & Staff Only)
  2. Select “Manage Work Order Requests”
  3. Select “Add a New Work Order”
  4. Fill out the information and click the “Submit” button.

Help Us Help You

How To Report A Problem

  1. If your computer displayed any error messages, please write them down or copy them into an email so that you can tell us exactly what they said.
  2. Tell us what you were doing when the problem occurred (e.g., saving a file in Word 2010, shutting down the computer, etc.).
  3. Tell us what you've tried so far to solve the problem (e.g., restarting your computer, turning a printer off & back on, replacing printer ink cartridge, etc.).
  4. If you're not worried about losing unsaved data, try restarting your computer. Restarting fixes many computer problems. (If you are worried about losing anything, do not restart unless told to do so by the Help Desk staff.).
    • Call the Help Desk and relay the above information. Depending upon the type of problem, Help Desk personnel may also want to know:
    • If this is a recurring or a new problem. If recurring, when did it start?
    • If anything has changed recently on your computer (e.g., newly installed software).
    • What operating system you use (Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.7 [Lion], etc.).