HCC Online In-Person Exam Proctoring Requirements

A HCC Online course could require a student to take one or more proctored assessments, therefore testing must be completed in a monitored environment by an approved individual or facility.

The student is responsible for identifying a proctor who meets the required qualifications. If assistance is needed to locate a proctor, the student must communicate with the HCC Online office. Once a proctor is identified, the student will add their personal and course information to the HCC Online Proctor Agreement Form before sending the form to the anticipated proctor for completion. The proctor will then complete, sign, and submit the HCC Online Proctor Agreement Form, along with verification of their degree or license, by email to the HCC Online office at onlineproctor@highlandcc.edu. Providing false information is subject to HCC's policy for Academic Dishonesty.

Steps To Filling Out The Proctor Agreement Form

Step 1: Know when your HCC Online Proctor Agreement Form is DUE.

Step 2: Complete the Student and Course Information sections of the HCC Online Proctor Agreement Form by typing in the PDF form.

Step 3: Send the HCC Online Proctor Agreement Form to your anticipated Proctor and ask them to complete the remaining sections. 

Step 4:  Have your anticipated Proctor email your Proctor Agreement Form, along with verification of their degree or license, directly to onlineproctor@highlandcc.edu. The form should not be returned to the student or the instructor.

The Proctor Form does not go back to your Instructor.

Step 5: Check that your forms have been received and approved by contacting onlineproctor@highlandcc.edu. If your proctor is denied, you will be contacted by email for alternate arrangements.

Step 6: Schedule an appointment with your Proctor to complete the needed assessments.

Common Questions

What classes require proctors?

  • Currently, all online Math courses require at least one exam to be proctored. 

Who can be my proctor?

  • Full-Time HCC Employee, excluding coaches.
  • Full-Time Faculty or Administrator at an Accredited College.
  • High School Principal, Librarian, Guidance Counselor, or Full Time School District Teacher.
  • College or Private Testing Center.
  • Public Librarian.
  • Military Personnel Officer, Educational Services Officer (ESO), Educational Services Specialist (ESS), or Base Testing Office

Who can NOT be my proctor?

  • Proctors may not be any individual that poses a conflict of interest; co-worker, employer and/or supervisor, tutor, coach, friend, classmate, neighbor, relative, college student, individuals paid for a personal service (doctor, attorney, consultant, etc.).

Where can I find a proctor?

  • Highland Campus and surrounding area students can test at the Irvin Hall Testing Center.
  • If you live within 60 minutes of a Highland office, you are encouraged to utilize a HCC Proctor:

Technical Center - Atchison

Hannah Stirton

Western Center - Baileyville 

Highland Campus

 Irvin Hall Testing Center

HCC Online (Holton)

Perry Center

Wamego Center


If I test at a HCC Center, do I still need to fill out the proctor form?

  • Yes. The requested center will not receive your proctor information to take the test if no proctor form is emailed to onlineproctor@highlandcc.edu.

What if I can not make it to a Highland office?

  • Ask your local library about proctoring services they provide.
  • Check with your local college or university Testing Center for options.
  • Identify if there are private learning and testing centers in your area.
  • Communicate with your local school district administration about proctoring services they provide.
  • During COVID, an option for proctoring with the HCC Online Team by Zoom is being offered.

How much does proctoring cost?

  • For all current HCC students, proctoring services are provided at HCC offices at no cost.
  • Any fees incurred with proctoring services, outside of HCC, will be the responsibility of the student.

What do I do if I need accommodations during testing?

  • Please complete the Self-Identification Form at the start of your course. An Accessibility Coordinator will contact you about documentations and accommodation options. Accommodation arrangements are communicated to your instructor.

Can I reuse my proctor form I completed last semster, if I will be using the same proctor?

  • No. HCC students are required to fill out a proctor form each semester, even when retaking the same course. 
  • If students are taking two 8 week courses consecutively, students will turn in a proctor form for each individual course. 

When should I schedule my proctored exam?

  • Schedule an appointment with your Proctor at least one week before the testing date. You should not expect to be granted extensions for late or missed scheduling.

What do I need to bring with me to my testing appointment?

  • Your Highland username and password and student account username and password if your course uses a supplemental site (ALEKS, Web Assign, WileyPlus, MathLab, etc.)
  • Student ID and/or Driver's License for identity verification by photo
  • A calculator, IF permitted on the test
  • Notes or formula sheets, IF permitted during testing
  • Something to write with (Pencil)
  • NO OUTSIDE MATERIALS ARE ALLOWED IN TESTING ROOMS. You will be asked to leave your phone and all electronic devices under the supervision of the proctor. You should not expect to use your own computer when testing.

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