HCC Placement Testing

HCC Placement Testing

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What are placement tests?

All students (including Early College students) taking classes at HCC are required to have the appropriate placement scores in math, reading, and English*. HCC accepts ACT scores and SAT scores, but does not require students to take these tests for admissions. HCC will also consider an unweighted high school GPA or GED for placement. Students who have an ACT or SAT score can choose to take Accuplacer to move up in placement. 

*Click here to see what class your score would place you in. 

How do I know what placement tests I need to take? 

Students seeking an AA, AS, or AGS will take the ACCUPLACER placement test. Students in the Technical programs are required to take the Work Keys Test. 

I'm an HCC Early College student enrolling in classes in my high school, how do I take a placement test?

HCC may provide placement testing on-site at partner high schools. The Accuplacer may be taken at all HCC locations. For more information, please click here or contact your school counselor. 

I'm an online student, how can I take a placement test?

Online students can test at any HCC location that offers Accuplacer testing. Students not located in Northeast Kansas may also test at another college and have their scores sent to Highland for placement. Virtual testing options are available with a fee paid to Examity. Please confirm test needs with the HCC Online office prior to testing. The student is responsible for any fees associated with testing outside of Highland. Highland's course placement may differ from the testing school placement. 

When can I take HCC’s placement tests?

New students will have the opportunity to take placement scores on any of the enrollment days on the Main Campus. Students who would like to take placement tests prior to an enrollment day may do so at any HCC Center (Atchison, Baileyville, Wamego, Highland). Please sign up for a placement test at least 24 hours in advance of the testing time. 

How much do placement tests cost?

The first ACCUPLACER placement test is free of charge for students enrolling at HCC. Students choosing to re-take ACCUPLACER tests will be charged $25. Students taking WorkKeys tests will be charged $15 per test.  

Can I re-take a placement test?

Students may choose to re-take the ACCUPLACER test up to three (3) times per subject. A waiting period of two (2) weeks between the first and second tests and six (6) weeks between the second and third tests must be observed. 

What do I need to bring on test day?

Students need to bring a picture ID to verify their identification. Pencils, scratch paper and calculators are provided for students. No outside materials are allowed in the testing room.  

What do I do if I need accommodations during testing?

If you request accommodations, please complete the Self-Identification form and an Accessibility Coordinator will contact you about documentation and accommodations. 

How can I prepare to test?  

College Board offers free study materials and sample questions to help students prepare for the Accuplacer exams. Students may also use edready.org as another free resource. Students tend to test better if they practice sample questions before the test. For a free practice test for WorkKeys, please contact Jerry Lewman jlewman@highlandcc.edu

Who can I contact about placement testing?

New students planning to attend an enrollment session at any HCC site may take placement tests at that time. Students who would like to take placement tests ahead of their enrollment date may take the placement tests at any HCC center by registering online at least 24 hours in advance of the test. Contact the following people for more information.

Highland Main Campus -Kristy Sumpter - 785-442-6159- ksumpter@highlandcc.edu

HCC Technical Center-Jerry Lewman-785-442-6233-jlewman@highlandcc.edu

HCC Regional Center-Contact the Regional Directors

HCC Early College-Sara Smith- 785-442-6141- earlycollege@highlandcc.edu

HCC Online- 785-442-6171- hcconline@highlandcc.edu


Highland Community College Technical Center

WorkKeys Informational Guide

WorkKeys is a national system for teaching and assessing workplace skills that connect knowing with doing and learning with earning. WorkKeys is a national system enabling education and business to work together to strengthen the achievement of workplace skills. For additional information about the WorkKeys assessment system, please visit www.act.org.

All potential students seeking admission to Highland Community College Technical Center will be tested using the WorkKeys Workplace Documents and Applied Math assessments. Minimum scores are required for each program. Each tester will need to set up a WorkKeys account prior to testing.    

Potential students are reminded that this is not a pass/fail test and that they are not competing against anyone. WorkKeys scores are reported on a scale from <3 to 7; Level 3 is the least complex and Level 7 is most complex. Level 3 is established at the point where a business would begin to show interest in assessing individuals.

Workplace Documents

35 multiple-choice questions that increase in difficulty. Test time is 55 minutes.

Applied Math

34 multiple-choice questions that increase in difficulty. Test time is 55 minutes. Students may bring their own calculator or a calculator will be provided to use when taking the Applied Mathematics assessment.

Potential students need to inform testing staff when making their assessment appointment if they are/were ever on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or considered for Special Educational Services while attending K-12. These students will be given special time consideration.

Work Keys Placement

  Program Math Level  Reading Level  
  Auto Collision Repair 4 4  
  Automotive Technology 5 5  
  Business Technology 4 4  
  Computer Support Technology 5 5  
  Construction Technology 4 4  
  Diesel Technology 5 5  
  Early Childhood 4 4  
  Electrical Technology 5 5  
  Engineering Graphics 5 5  
  HVAC 5 5  
  Industrial Welding Technology 4 4  
  Medical Office Assistant 4 5  
  Practical Nursing 5 6  
  Precision Agriculture 5 5  

These are the scores students must have prior to graduating from a technical program. Applicants must meet program minimum standards prior to program acceptance (minimum standard is one level below the graduation requirement). 

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