Estimate your cost of attending HCC by using the 

2024-2025 Semester Expense Worksheet.


2024-2025 Class Costs per Credit Hour

              Kansas,             Out-of-State,  International Living On Campus   International Living Off Campus   Technical Programs   Nursing Programs   Early College**
Tuition per Hour   $81   $288   $133   $157   $50
Fees per Hour   $55   $55   $68*   $68*   15
Book Rental per Hour   $19   $19            
Average Book Purchase Cost           $195*   $217*    
Total per Hour   $155   $362   $396*   $442*   $65


The fees and book rental listed above do not include lab fees and consumables such as workbooks and other materials which cannot be reused. 

**Early College is for current high school students. Click here for more information about Early College.

*The textbook costs for Technical and Nursing Programs are average costs for textbooks. Technical and Nursing students pruchase textbooks, ensuring you have the most up-to-date and relevant materials. Furthermore, these programs may have additionals fees to cover specialized materials and resources.

2024-2025 Food and Housing Costs per Semester

Housing Unit Cost with 17 Meals per Week
Degginger/Hampton/Hearthford/Highlander/Holly Oak/ Huntington/Kansas/Kiltie/Heritage-Double $3,725
Claymont/Colony Point/Cornerstone/Crestview/Scottie Place/Sunflower $3,925
Ellis/Piper/Prairie/Rubeti/Heritage-Single $4,300


Students living on campus are required to purchase the 17 meals per week plan which is included in the housing costs above.

Students living off campus may purchase a 17 meals per week plan for $1,775 per semester or                           a Meal Card (10 meals) may be purchased for $50.

Students moving in early may be charged an additional daily rate for meals.


Estimated Cost of Attendance

Federal regulations require a Cost of Attendance, or Budget, be assigned to each student.

A student's total amount of financial aid cannot not exceed this budget. 

The Estimated Cost of Attendance is NOT the amount a student will pay to Highland Community College for a year. It sets the maximum amount of financial aid a student is eligible to receive during the year.

Initial financial aid offers are based on full-time (at least 12 credit hours) enrollment status for each semester Fall and Spring. The cost of attendance and financial aid offer will be adjusted based on student's actual enrollment status after the 20th day of classes each semester.


2024-25 Full-Time Cost of Attendance
Student Aid Budget
    On Campus   Off Campus   With Parent/Family
Living Expenses, including Food & Housing   $8,996 *   $11,268 **   $7,956 **
Tuition & Fees   $4,080 *   $4,080 **   $4,080 **
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, & Equipment   $1,362 ***   $1,362 ***   $1,362 ***
Transportation   $2,774 **   $2,774 **   $2,774 **
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses   $2,500 **   $2,500 **   $2,500 **
Estimated Total   $19,712     $21,984     $18,672  


* Direct Costs - charged directly by the college.  

** Indirect Costs - not charged by the college. 

*** Direct & Indirect Costs - books charged by the college, supplies not charged by the college

Estimated Tuition and Fees costs are based on 30 credits hours per year which is the average number of hours students attend. 

Estimated Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment includes the cost of book rental for 30 credit hours per year, the rental cost of a computer and calculator, and an allowance for course fees and consumables.

  • Some Technical Program include additional required tools and supplies. Contact your attendance center for more information. 

Estimated Transportation is the average cost of a commuter traveling to and from campus including the cost of operating and maintaining a vehicle.

Estimated Miscellaneous Personal Expenses is an allowance for personal expenses such as clothing, a cell phone plan, personal hygiene items, and medications. 

Loan Fees of $56-200 are added to the cost of attendance for only those students accepting federal Direct Loans.

Students may request a one-time adjustment to the cost of attendance by contacting the financial aid office at Adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis with supporting documentation of actual expenses.


Direct charges are subject to change by the HCC Board of Trustees - updated 4/15/24

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