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Kansas High School Juniors and Seniors

What Senate Bill 155 Does For Kansas Juniors and Seniors in HS!

In an effort to jump start the workforce, Kansas' new Career and Technical Education Act (SB 155) allows Highland Community College to enroll high school Juniors and Seniors in Technical Education programs and selected courses without charging tuition. That's right HCC is able to provide FREE TUITION for technical programs and some classes. Beyond that, HCC has chosen to WAIVE FEES for all technical programs and SB 155 courses! In addition, book rental for technical programs offered at the Technical Center and the Western Center is FREE! Students taking SB 155 courses in face to face, IDL, or hybrid formats will be charged $13 per credit hour for book rental. 

On this page, we will keep you updated on courses and programs that are available each semester at Highland. If you play your cards right, it's possible to graduate from high school with not only a diploma, but technical certification as well! Enrollment and transfer information may be found at the bottom of this page.

FREE Tuition and Fees for Kansas High School Junior and Seniors.


For the following online courses, just * buy the book and stay in the comfor of your own home earning college credit. On your turf, on your time. It's true! The online classes listed below are FREE! The courses listed below are all 3 credit hour courses unless otherwise defined.

AB 108 Principles of Animal Science

BUS201 Principles of Management

HS 112 Pathophysiology for Allied Health Professionals


AB 114 Ag Orientation (2 cr)

BUS213 Business Communications

HS 115 Diagnosis Coding Systems


AB 207 Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition

BUS 216 Managerial Accounting

HS 120 Software Applications in Healthcare


BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

HS 216 Physician Reimbursement Methodoglogies (2cr)


BS 109 Medical Terminology

CJ 120 Juvenile Delinquency

HS 220 Health Records Practicum (2 cr)


BS 110 Nutrition

CJ 205 Critical Issues in Law Enforcement

PE 113 First Aid and Safety


BUS101 Introduction to Business

CJ 220 Practicum in Criminal Justice

PE 150 Personal Trainer Field Exper. I (1 cr)


BUS103 Accounting I

CJ220A Administraion of Justice Practicum (1 cr)

RM 100 Security & Loss Prevention


BUS105 Accounting II

ECH160 Observing/Interacting with Younch Children

RM 110 Risk Assessment


BUS110 Records Management

ECH178 Literacy Development in Young Children

RM 111 Investigations in the Workplace


BUS117 Computerized Accounting

ECH200 Program Planning and Development

RM 115 Prevention/ Assesment of Workplace Violence


BUS125 Human Resources

HS 100 Health Information Management

RM 117 Foundations IS Security/ Loss Prevention


BUS130 Micro Applications I

HS 105 Insurance Billing and Reimbursement

RM 200 Risk Finance


BUS133 Micro Appl I: Spreadsheet

BUS139 Micro Appl I: Wd Process

BUS181 Micro Appl I: Wd Process (1 cr)

BUS183 Micro Appl I: Spreadsheet (1 cr)

BUS189 Micro Appl I: Elect Bsn Pres (1 cr)

HS 109 Pharmacology for Allied HealthProfessionals

HS 106 Health Data Management


*FREE - Face-to-Face/ Distance Learning/ Hybrid

The following list of face-to-face, distance learning, and hybrid courses are free. Students pay only *$11 per credit hour for book rental. 3 cr class = $33; 4 cr class = $44


Highland Campus

Atchison Center

Holton Center

Perry Center

Wamego Center

Western Center

A  104 3-D Design

A  215 Graphic Design

A  223 Illustration

A  224 Enhanced Photography

AB 203 Soils and Soils Lab (4 cr)

AB 207 Fund of Animal Nutrition

AB 212 Livestock Production

AB 224 Range Management

BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

BS 109 Medical Terminology

BS 110 Nutrition

BS 241 CPR-Basic (1 cr)

BUS101 Intro to Business

BUS103 Accounting I

BUS105 Accounting II

BUS116 Intro to Accounting

BUS130 Micro Appl I

BUS133 Spreadsheet

BUS139 WD Process

BUS151 Elect. Bsn. Presentation

BUS181 WD Process (1 cr)

BUS213 Business Communications

BUS216 Managerial Accounting

CJ 110 Fund of Investigation

CJ 120 Juv Delinquency

CJ 201 Criminal Law I

PE113 First Aid and Safety

PE 150A Personal Trainer II (1 cr)

PE 150C Personal Trainer IV (1 cr)

PHO205 Lighting Techniques

BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

BS 109 Medical Terminology

BUS130 Micro Apps I

BUS181 Wd Processing (1 cr)

BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

BS 109 Medical Terminology

BS 110 Nutrition

BUS101 Intro to Business

BUS103 Accounting I

BUS130 Micro Apps I 

BUS181 Wd Processing (1 cr)

CJ 120 Juvenile Delinquency

ART 121 Design Applications

BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

BS 110 Nutrition

BUS 101 Intro to Business

BUS 116 Intro to Accounting

BUS130 Micro Apps I 

BUS181 Wd Processing (1 cr)

BUS 183 Spreadsheet (1 cr)

CJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice

CJ 120 Juvenile Delinquency

AB 114 Agriculture Orientation (2 cr)

AB 126 Principles of Agronomy

BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

BS 110 Nutrition

BUS101 Intro to Business

BUS103 Accounting I

BUS105 Accounting II

BUS130 Micro Appl I

BUS201 Principles of Management

BUS210 Marketing

BUS216 Managerial Accounting

CJ 100 Intro To Criminal Justice

ENO116 Intro to Enology

ENO130 Intermediate Enology

VIN111 Intro to Viticulture/Vineyard

BS 104 Human Anatomy (4 cr)

BS 110 Nutrition

BS 109 Medical Terminology

BUS130 Micro App. I

BUS181 Wd Processing (1 cr)

BUS183 Spreadsheet (1 cr)


Do my classes Transfer to Other Colleges?

The Kansas Board of Regents has established a Transfer and Articulation guide listing courses that seamlessly transfer from community colleges to any of the state supported colleges and universities governed by the board of regents. Click here to review those course guides.

HCC has also articulated transfer with area colleges and universities. To see HCC's transfer guide, please click here.

Three Easy Steps To Enroll:

1.     Complete the online HCC application. In the section “Admission Requested For…” choose 2015, Summer.

2.     After your application has been received, you will receive an email from HCC with directions for logging in to your new MyHCC account.  A separate email will have directions for enrolling.

3.     Follow the directions in the email to enroll in the course(s) through your MyHCC account. (If you want to enroll in CNA or CMA, you will not be able to enroll online. Rather, contact Lacey Richey, Allied Health Coordinator, at the contacts listed below.)

That’s it! You’re enrolled in a free or low cost course. If you are taking face-to-face, hybrid, or IDL, you will receive your book the first day of class. If you are taking an online course, you must buy your book. You will receive directions for accessing our online bookstore.

Please note: HCC applies tuition waivers after enrollment. After enrollment is confirmed, tuition charges will be removed from your account. Any remaining balance is due by the end of May.

Questions? Contact the HCC Director at the appropriate site.














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