Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance - 2018-2019

Every school is required to provide an estimate of how much it will cost to go to school for one academic year, which is the Fall and Spring semesters. We use the Cost of Attendance to see what you can receive in financial aid each year. We break this cost down into different areas.

If an area is noted as a direct cost, that means this is a cost that Highland charges you directly. If it is noted as an indirect cost, that means it is something you should budget for during the award year.

Our estimate that a student will spend per year is $15,248. We came to this amount based on the following five categories.

Category Direct/Indirect Estimated Cost Notes
Tuition/Fees Direct $3,840 per Year

Estimated on 15 hours per semester. 

This could be more or less based on actual hours enrolled as well as if taking classes online or on campus.

Room & Board
Direct or Indirect $6,228 per Year This could change depending if you live off-campus or on-campus.
Books & Supplies Direct AND Indirect $1,480 We use a book rental system, so we charge the cost of books directly to the student. All other supplies are the responsibility of the student.
Transportation Indirect $1,552 This is an estimate of how much a typical student will spend traveling during the school year.
Miscellaneous Indirect $2,148 This is an estimate for any other purchases a student does through the year for day to day purchases.

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