FAQ when Applying for Admissions at HCC

FAQs when Applying for Admission at HCC

  • I’ve taken classes at Highland in the past. Do I need to reapply for admission?

Yes, if you fall into one of the categories below:

    • It’s been over a year since you took a class at Highland.
    • You took classes while in high school, but have since graduated.
    • You earned a degree/certificate from Highland since you last took classes with us.
    • You applied for the wrong semester/term.
  • How do I know my application went through?
    • You received a “Success Message” after hitting submit.
    • If you do not see the “Success Message,”
      • You may have missed a field on the form or not entered something in the correct format.
      • Scroll to the top of the form and read the red lettered error instructions.
      • Look for a red asterisk on the form to find the field that needs corrected.
    • After your application is processed, in 2-3 business days you’ll receive an email to your personal email address with MyHCC login information.
    • In 2-3 business days, you’ll receive an email with “Next Steps” with helpful information to your personal email address listed on your application.
  • Does it cost to apply for admission at Highland?
    • No
  • Do I need to submit my official high school (and college transcripts, if applicable)?
    • Yes, if you are a high school graduate seeking a degree from HCC and have not submitted them in the past.
      • Note: If you are receiving financial aid to pay for classes, you’ll need to submit all official transcripts.
      • Note: Only transcripts sent electronically or by mail or fax directly to HCC from the issuing institution are considered official.

    • No, if you are a current high school student.
    • No, if you are not seeking a degree from HCC and are simply taking classes as a guest (special) student.
      • Note:
        • Guest (special) students will pay out of pocket for Highland classes.
        • If your class has a prerequisite, you may need to submit a transcript showing completion of the required class.
  • Am I required to submit ACT/SAT scores for admission?
    • No. ACT/SAT scores are not required, but are extremely helpful for enrollment purposes.
    • Free placement testing is available through Highland for enrollment, if needed.
  • Do I need to take the WorkKeys assessment (required for technical programs) if I’ve taken the ACT/SAT?
    • Yes, while WorkKeys is an ACT product, there are no equivalent scores.
  • Do I need to submit Tuberculosis test results?
    • Yes, if you answered “Yes” to any of the TB form questions.
    • No, if you’re taking strictly online classes at HCC.
    • No, if you are taking classes at your high school.

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