Highland Community College

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Name Title Phone Email

Ron Adams

Physics Instructor

785.442.6073 radams@highlandcc.edu

Jaime Albers

Chief Creative Designer

785.442.6090 jalbers@highlandcc.edu

Taylor Allen

Director of Student Life

785.442.6188 tallen@highlandcc.edu

Rebekah Allen

English/Speech Instructor

785.456.6006 rallen@highlandcc.edu

Carol Andersen

Spanish Instructor

785.442.6125 candersen@highlandcc.edu

Aaron Arnold

Head Football Coach

785.442.6014 aarnold@highlandcc.edu

Kristi Arnold


785.442.6110 maintenance@highlandcc.edu

Robert Atkinson

Industrial Welding Technology Instructor

913.367.9204 ratkinson@highlandcc.edu

Cara Baker

Western Center Director

785.336.2326 cbaker@highlandcc.edu

Terri Ball

Title III Grant Project Director

785.442.6121 tball@highlandcc.edu

Kimberly Bechtold

Student Support Services Transfer Advisor

785.442.6052 kbechtold@highlandcc.edu

Chris Bergen

Automotive Technology Instructor

913.367.6204 cbergen@highlandcc.edu

Joshua Berry

Director of Information Technology

785.442.6031 jberry@highlandcc.edu

Jon Bingesser

Head Volleyball Coach

785.442.6164 jbingesser@highlandcc.edu

Kristi Blevins

Financial Aid Assistant

785.442.6135 kblevins@highlandcc.edu

Rick Blevins

Director of Facilities

785.442.6110 rblevins@highlandcc.edu

Tom Bond

Head Track & Field Coach

785.442.6034 tbond@highlandcc.edu

Trudy Bowen

Evening Office Assistant at Perry

785.597.0127 tbowen@highlandcc.edu

Elizabeth Brey

Medical Coding Instructor/Director

785.285.1487 ebrey@highlandcc.edu

Greg Bryant

English Instructor

785.442.6078 gbryant@highlandcc.edu

Kevin Burleson


785.442.6110 kburleson@highlandcc.edu

Robin Carolus

Practical Nursing instructor

913.367.6204 rcarolus@highlandcc.edu

Michael Castel

Assistant Track/Cross Country Coach

785.442.6034 mcastel@highlandcc.edu

Alexy Clark

Office Assistant, SSS/SRC

785.442.6058 lclark@highlandcc.edu

Chad Clevenger

Head Cross Country Coach

785.442.6044 cclevenger@highlandcc.edu

Brandon Colborn


785.442.6110 maintenance@highlandcc.edu

Jerre Cole

Men's Head Basketball Coach

785.442.6041 jcole@highlandcc.edu

Alison Cole

Athletic Director Assistant

785.442.6040 acole@highlandcc.edu

Tia Collins

Head Athletic Trainer

785.442.6049 tcollins@highlandcc.edu

Trey Collins

Accounts Receivable

785.442.6001 dcollins@highlandcc.edu

Irene Covert

Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs

785.442.6015 icovert@highlandcc.edu

Alexander Cox

Assistant Baseball Coach

785.442.6043 acox@highlandcc.edu

Therese Crary

Holton Center Director/College Conduct Officer

785.442.6056 tcrary@highlandcc.edu

Kerri Crittendon

RN Instructor

913.367.6204 kcrittendon@highlandcc.edu

Randy Culbertson

Auto Collision Repair Instructor

913.367.6204 rculbertson@highlandcc.edu

Steven Davies

Maintenance Technician - Electrical Emphasis

785.442.6110 maintenance@highlandcc.edu

Joseph Davis

Director of Advising/Student Success Center

785.442.6159 jdavis@highlandcc.edu

Audrey Denton

Student Support Services Retention Coordinator

785.442.6017 adenton@highlandcc.edu

Penny Donaldson

Director of Library/Learning Resource Center

785.442.6054 pdonaldson@highlandcc.edu

Ryan Douglas

Business Instructor

785.442.6050 rdouglas@highlandcc.edu

Amy DuLac

Technical Center Admissions/Student Services Representative

913.367.6204 adulac@highlandcc.edu

Daniel Dulin

Head Baseball Coach

785.442.6043 ddulin@highlandcc.edu

Angie Eberly

Wellness Center Director

785.442.6143 aeberly@highlandcc.edu

Robert Engelken


785.336.2326 rengelken@highlandcc.edu

Dawn Fleishans

Administrative Assistant to VP for Institutional Advancement

785.442.6144 dfleishans@highlandcc.edu

Amy Folsom

Practical Nursing instructor

913.367.6204 afolsom@highlandcc.edu

Betty Forney

Library Assistant

785.442.6053 bforney@highlandcc.edu

Peggy Forsberg

Vice President for Academic Affairs

785.442.6012 pforsberg@highlandcc.edu

Stacy Freeman

Reading/Developmental English

785.442.6079 sfreeman@highlandcc.edu

Pamela Fulbright

Reading/Developmental English

785.442.6064 pfulbright@highlandcc.edu

Steve Gaul

IT Coordinator

785.442.6128 sgaul@highlandcc.edu

Jennifer Goff

Financial Aid Assistant

785.442.6068 jgoff@highlandcc.edu

Maurice Gray

Assistant Football Coach

785.442.6038 mgray@highlandcc.edu

John Green


913.367.6204 jgreen@highlandcc.edu

Denise Gronniger


785.442.6110 maintenance@highlandcc.edu

Eileen Gronniger

Human Resource Manager/Administrative Assistant to the President

785.442.6010 egronniger@highlandcc.edu

Frieda Gronniger


785.442.6110 maintenance@highlandcc.edu

Glen Gross

Photography Instructor

785.442.6087 ggross@highlandcc.edu

Theresa Grossman

Speech Instructor

785.442.6088 tgrossman@highlandcc.edu

Alice Hamilton


785.442.6025 ahamilton@highlandcc.edu

Stephanie Harshberger

Bookstore Manager

785.442.6009 sharshberger@highlandcc.edu

Clifford Hawk

Agriculture Instructor

785.442.6067 chawk@highlandcc.edu

Margy Heddens

Mathematics Instructor

785.442.6062 mheddens@highlandcc.edu

Eleanor Hensley

Early Childhood Instructor/Coordinator

785.597.0127 ehensley@highlandcc.edu

Nicole Hergert

Assistant Athletic Trainer

785.442.6124 nhergert@highlandcc.edu

Diane Hinrichs

Wamego Center Director

785.456.6006 dhinrichs@highlandcc.edu

Ted Hinton

Precision Ag Instructor

785.336.2326 thinton@highlandcc.edu

Randi Hoffmann

Office Assistant (Perry)

785.597.0127 rhoffmann@highlandcc.edu

Tim Housh

Maintenance Supervisor

913.367.6204 thoush@highlandcc.edu

Lucas Hunziger

Director of Technical Education

913.367.6204 lhunziger@highlandcc.edu

Jeff Hurn

Director of Institutional Research

785.442.6077 jhurn@highlandcc.edu

Michelle Hurn

Mathematics Instructor

785.442.6075 mhurn@highlandcc.edu

Keith Jaloma

Executive Director of the HCC Foundation

785.442.6065 kjaloma@highlandcc.edu

Marc Jean

IT Systems Administrator

785.442.6139 mjean@highlandcc.edu

Mary Johanning

Adult Education Program Director

785.367.6204 mjohanning@highlandcc.edu

Allison Johnson

Student Resource/Financial Aid Representative

913.367.6204 ajohnson@highlandcc.edu

Heidi Jordan

Head Softball Coach

785.442.6070 hjordan@highlandcc.edu

Scott Jordan

Associate Head Softball Coach

785.442.6070 sjordan@highlandcc.edu

Matthew Kahl

Winery Manager/Enology Instructor

785.456.6006 mkahl@highlandcc.edu

Michael Kelley

English Instructor

785.442.6130 mkelley@highlandcc.edu

Eric Ketchum

Criminal Justice/Psychology Instructor

785.442.6094 eketchum@highlandcc.edu

Payton Kirk

Recruiting Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach

785.442.6046 pkirk@highlandcc.edu

Lindsay Koch

Klinefelter Farm Projects Manager

785.336.1274 lkoch@highlandcc.edu

Scott Kohl

Director of Viticulture & Enology

785.456.6006 skohl@highlandcc.edu

J.D. Koons

Student Services Representative

785.456.6006 jkoons@highlandcc.edu

Frank Kuhn

Biology Instructor

785.597.0127 fkuhn@highlandcc.edu

Ken Larkins

Biology Instructor

785.456.6006 klarkins@highlandcc.edu

Tim Lauts

Engineering Graphics Technology Instructor

913.367.6204 tlauts@highlandcc.edu

Matt Leahy

Art Instructor

785.442.6086 mleahy@highlandcc.edu

Shayna Leahy

Vocal Music Instructor

785.442.6092 sleahy@highlandcc.edu

Emily Lednicky

Klinefelter Farm Events Manager

785.741.0002 elednicky@highalndcc.edu

Darlene Lee

Allied Health Coordinator

913.367.6204 dlee@highlandcc.edu

Patty Leeper


785.442.6110 maintenance@highlandcc.edu

Michael Lindstrom

Automotive Technology Instructor

913.367.6204 mlindstrom@highlandcc.edu

Thomas Martin

Wellness Center Assistant Director

785.442.6145 tmartin@highlandcc.edu

Julie Martinez

RN Instructor

913.367.6204 jmartinez@highlandcc.edu

Megan Massey

Director of Accounting Services

785.442.6006 mmassey@highlandcc.edu

Jolie McDaniel

Student Services Representative

785.336.2326 jmcdaniel@highlandcc.edu

Matt McElroy

Biology Instructor

785.442.6080 mmcelroy@highlandcc.edu

Darlene McNemee

Payroll Clerk/Benefits

785.442.6003 dmcnemee@highlandcc.edu

Karen Meeks

Administrative Assistant

785.442.6005 kmeeks@highlandcc.edu

Joy Meyer

English Specialist

785.442.6058 jmeyer@highlandcc.edu

Carrie Miller

Administrative Assistant Instructor (HCC Technical Center)

913.367.6204 cmiller@highlandcc.edu

Harry Moeller

Biology Instructor

785.442.6076 hmoeller@highlandcc.edu

Fred Moranz

Diesel Technology Instructor

913.367.6204 fmoranz@highlandcc.edu

Norma Morey

Library Assistant

785.442.6053 nmorey@highlandcc.edu

George Morey

Library Assistant

785.442.6053 gmorey@highlandcc.edu

Craig Mosher

Vice President for Institututional Advancement

785.442.6019 cmosher@highlandcc.edu

Chris Neary

Admissions Representative

785.442.6059 cneary@highlandcc.edu

Bill Noll

History/Geography/Political Science Instructor

785.442.6093 bnoll@highlandcc.edu

Tyler Nordman

Director of Athletics

785.442.6039 tnordman@highlandcc.edu

Joshua North

Director of Financial Aid

785.442.6023 jnorth@highlandcc.edu

Jon Oler

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

785.442.6041 oler.jon@highlandcc.edu

Jillian Palan

Assistant Coach (Women's Basketball)

785.442.6145 jpalan@highlandcc.edu

Michelle Palma

Office Assistant (Wamego)

785.456.6006 mpalma@highlandcc.edu

Christopher Parks

Network Administrator

785.442.6032 cparks@highlandcc.edu

Lisa Parsons

Title IV Student Support Services Project Director

785.442.6147 lparsons@highlandcc.edu

Jacqueline Peden

Administrative Assistant to Vice President for Student Services

785.442.6020 jpeden@highlandcc.edu

Sam Perkins

Graphic Design Instructor

785.442.6066 sperkins@highlandcc.edu

Karen Petering

Library Assistant

785.442.6053 kpetering@highlandcc.edu

Denise Peters

Director of eLearning

785.362.6000 dpeters@highlandcc.edu

Stephanie Peterson

Director of Admissions

785.442.6051 speterson@highlandcc.edu

Christina Prudden

Medical Office Assistant Instructor

913.367.6204 cprudden@highlandcc.edu

Cheryl Rasmussen

Vice President for Student Services

785.442.6020 crasmussen@highlandcc.edu

Corbin Rasmussen

IT Regional Technology Analyst

785.442.6060 corbin@highlandcc.edu

Kyler Reed

Assistant Football Coach

785.442.6082 kreed@highlandcc.edu

David Reist


785.442.6010 dreist@highlandcc.edu

Judd Remmers

Assistant Head Football Coach/Defensive Backs

785.442.6047 jremmers@highlandcc.edu

Lynnette Reynolds

Office Manager (HCC Technical Center)

913.367.6204 lreynolds@highlandcc.edu

Derrik Russell

Diesel Technology Instructor

785.442.6114 drussell@highlandcc.edu

Glenda Schultejans

Office Assistant

785.336.2326 gschultejans@highlandcc.edu

David Schwarz

Industrial Welding Technology Instructor

785.336.2326 dschwarz@highlandcc.edu

Michel Scott

Assistant Registrar

785.442.6025 mscott@highlandcc.edu

Jeffrey Scott


785.442.6140 jscott@highlandcc.edu

Lois Servaes


913.367.6204 lservaes@highlandcc.edu

Erin Shaw

Perry Center Director

785.597.0127 eshaw@highlandcc.edu

Stanton Shepard

Lab Technician in Auto Collision Program

913.367.6204 sshepard@highlandcc.edu

Barry Simmons

Groundskeeper/Assistant Building & Grounds Supervisor

785.442.6110 bsimmons@highlandcc.edu

B.J. Smith

Head Women's Basketball Coach

785.442.6048 bjsmith@highlandcc.edu

Rachel L. Smith

Wellness Center Office Assistant

785.442.6140 rsmith@highlandcc.edu

Sara Smith

Director of Concurrent Instruction

785.292.6022 ssmith@highlandcc.edu

Shelley Smith

Mathematics Instructor

785.442.6063 srsmith@highlandcc.edu

Samuel Smith

Theater Instructor/Director

785.442.6089 smsmith@highlandcc.edu

Nathan Smith

Welding Lab Technician at Technical Center

913.367.6204 nsmith@highlandcc.edu

Daniel Sowers

HVAC Instructor

913.367.6204 dsowers@highlandcc.edu

Jarrett Stanton

Football Running Backs Coach

785.442.6072 jstanton@highlandcc.edu

Jason Stegman

Online Education Technology Specialist

785.442.6167 jstegman@highlandcc.edu

Diane Stewart

Accounts Payable

785.442.6004 dstewart@highlandcc.edu

Hannah Stirton

Test Proctor/Office Assistant

913.367.6204 hstirton@highlandcc.edu

Michael Stonebarger

Campus Security Officer

785.741.2206 mstonebarger@highlandcc.edu

Janet Suther

Wellness Center Staff

785.442.6140 schaible.janet@highlandcc.edu

Tyler Sweezey


785.442.6043 sweezey.tyler@highlandcc.edu

Dale Swendson

Diesel Technology Instructor

913.367.6204 dswendson@highlandcc.edu

Michael Swendson

Automotive Technology Instructor

785.362.6000 mswendson@highlandcc.edu

Alan Szeto

Chemistry Instructor

785.442.6000 aszeto@highlandcc.edu

Krystle Thompson

Office Assistant (Holton)

785.362.6000 kthompson@highlandcc.edu

Rilie Tilley

IT Application & Project Analyst

785.442.6026 rtilley@highlandcc.edu

Kim Tilton


785.442.6110 ktilton@highlandcc.edu

Kelly Twombly

Alumni Services, Spirit Squad Coach

785.442.6018 ktwombly@highlandcc.edu

Dee Ubel

Wamego Evening Office Assistant

785.456.6006 dubel@highlandcc.edu

Walter Vaughn

Assistant Football Coach

785.442.6045 wvaughn@highlandcc.edu

Cameron Whitaker

Campus Security Officer

785.741.2206 cwhitaker@highlandcc.edu

Carol White

Mathematics Instructor

785.456.6006 cwhite@highlandcc.edu

Randy Willy

Vice President for Finance & Operations

785.442.6002 rwilly@highlandcc.edu

Rachel Wilson

Maintenance/Housekeeping (Wamego)

785.456.6006 rwilson@highlandcc.edu

Elizabeth Wingo

Office Assistant to Director of Nursing

913.367.6204 ewingo@highlandcc.edu

Kristin Woodruff


785.442.6016 kwoodruff@highlandcc.edu

Theresa Wurzbacher

Computer Support Technology Instructor

913.367.6204 twurzbacher@highlandcc.edu

Laura Young

Economics/Business Instructor

785.442.6138 lyoung@highlandcc.edu

Jane Zaccardi

Director of Nursing

913.367.6204 jzaccardi@highlandcc.edu