Creating MyHCC Account


Creating your MyHCC Account


MyHCC is used to access your student records (schedule, transcript, financial information, etc.) and to check your HCC email.


Student email account addresses are



Go to   Find the MyHCC Login box in the upper right hand corner of the screen.



Enter in your username (lastname.firstname) and temporary password (that was emailed to you when you enrolled in the course or applied for admission) in the MyHCC Login box.


 If you do not know your password click the “Forgot Your Password?” link and complete the form to request a new password or call 785.442.6060 for assistance.


Click Log In.

myhcc login


The Login screen appears.  This is how you access MyHCC and Email.  Click on the MyHCC button.

myhcc login screen


In order to access your MyHCC account you must verify your HCC ID Number, Name, and Birthday.

Click on the MyHCC button. Complete the verification form.


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