Meet our 2019/20 Scottie Ambassadors!
Scottie Ambassadors are the face of Highland and its student body. They serve as a model for prospective students in the admissions process by showing life as a Scottie. Scottie Ambassadors give campus tours and share their stories, serve as group leaders in new student orientation, greet and serve at special events like the Presidential Inauguration, and parades. Scottie Ambassadors are great examples of the best and brightest Highland has to offer!


Belinda Ames
Havensville, Kansas
Agricultural Studies

I play on the Women's Basketball team, am a student worker in the HCC business office, and Scottie ambassador.

Why do I love being a Scottie? I like being a Scottie since I come from a small town similar to Highland. The classes are small which gives a more personal experience with my teachers. Also, it’s close to home so I am able to visit my family on weekends. 


Sara Armstrong
Blue Springs, Missouri
Physical Therapy        

I am a student orientation leader and Scottie Ambassador and am active in theater, and choir.


Brock Becker 
Atchison, Kansas        
Criminal Justice

I am a Scottie Ambassador and tutor.


Grace Brewer
St. Joseph, Missouri

I am a Scottie Ambassador, a Cheerleader and student worker in the business office on campus.

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love how small the campus feels and friendly everyone is here.

gomez Trinity Gomez
Topeka, Kansas

Mackinze Gray
Elwood, Kansas
General Studies

I am a Cheerleader, orientation leader, Scottie Ambassador and am a student worker in the HCC business office.

hawkins Kallie Hawkins
Wathena, Kansas

Tanner Holt
Mayetta, Kansas
General Studies

I am active in theater, vocal music, HCC Lads & Lassies, Scottie Prints and I am a Scottie Ambassador.

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love the atmosphere of Highland, It feels like one big family. Most people know one another and everyone here wants to be here.


Mackinze Koranda
Wathena, Kansas

I am a Scottie Ambassador, a Resident Assistant and I also work for student life.

Why do I love being a Scottie? What I love most about HCC is that I am able to build bonds with my instructors and all of the faculty at HCC. They all know me by name and that means a lot to be able to be personable with all of my teachers!


Haley Miller
Wathena, Kansas

I am a student employee at the Bookstore (HOLLA!!) and active in the choir.

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love that I am able to be a part of history by attending the oldest college in Kansas in my own county. I'm proud to be a local!  Also, I love how small the classes are, but, at the same time, meeting people from all across the country. Above all, HCC has given me the foundation to move on and the courage to go on to other potential places because of the wonderful people I meet here at Highland Community College.  Go Scotties!


Holly Mitchell
Topeka, Kansas
Elementary Education

I am on the dance team, Classy Lassies, and a Scottie Ambassador.
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Why do I love being a Scottie? I love being a Scottie because everyone on campus is really nice and open to helping you out with anything, the classes are small, and the teachers are always willing to help you do your best. The friends you make at HCC are some of the best people you will ever meet.


Macey Moyer-Koelliker
Silver Lake, Kansas
Speech Pathology

I am a Scottie Ambassador, a cheerleader, and Student Orientation Leader

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love being on a small campus. You get to know everyone so well!


Savannah Phillips
Holton, KS
Agricultural Education

I am in Collegiate Farm Bureau and am a Scottie Ambassador.

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love the "family feel" I get when walking around campus. Definitely a home away from home.



Krya Rudel
Savannah, Missouri
Secondary Education

Scottie Ambassador and Classy Lassie Dance Team 

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 Why do I love being a Scottie? I love being a Scottie because I feel at home here! Being at Highland makes it easier to get involved and do things you couldn’t do at another school.


Zach Schnacker
Hoyt, Kansas

Cheer, HCC Lads & Lassies, student life

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love being a Scottie because they gave me a new opportunity that I never thought I would try.


Maverick Sedlacek
Denver, Colorado

Scottie Ambassadors and E-Sports

Why do I love being a Scottie? I get to be the first one to welcome people and show them around campus!


Xavier Woods
St. Joseph, Missouri

Scottie Ambassador, Cheer Captain, Resident Assistant (RA), and I have a part-time job off-campus

Why do I love being a Scottie? I originally started college at a big university which wasn't really for me. I was just another student to my instructors, and it was hard to get extra help if I needed it. However, at Highland I've built personal relationships with all my instructors, they are willing to help and want me to succeed. Highland also offers free tutoring in every subject to ensure students have every opportunity to accomplish their goals. I love HCC because every student has room to grow!


Abbygail Yunghans
Seneca, Kansas

Tutor, Scottie Ambassador and a member of Phi Theta Kappa

Why do I love being a Scottie? I love being a Scottie because I am surrounded by people who are willing to help me with a smile on their faces. 


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