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HCC Hires Dr. Carlos Mejorado Carrillo as Vice President for Academic Affairs

published May 16, 2024HCC Hires Dr. Carlos Mejorado Carrillo as Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Carlos Carrillo joins Highland Community College as the new Vice President for Academic Affairs, bringing a distinguished record of academic and leadership excellence. A graduate with distinction from Northern Arizona University, where he earned his Doctorate in Education Administration and Leadership, Dr. Carrillo exemplifies a commitment to advancing educational technology and fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments.


At Highland, Dr. Carrillo will spearhead transformative initiatives that reflect the College’s mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities and stimulate economic development. Dr. Carrillo's strategic vision emphasizes the enhancement of Highland's educational offerings by expanding online and hybrid platforms, integrating face-to-face interactions and leveraging experiential learning opportunities. This approach not only enhances accessibility but also sets new benchmarks in educational technology across all learning modalities.


Dr. Carrillo's leadership style is deeply rooted in participatory management, shared governance and a student-centered approach. This method ensures that all stakeholders—including students—are actively involved in shaping the educational landscape, making every program under his guidance not only impactful but also aligned with the direct needs and aspirations of the student body.


Beyond his administrative roles, Dr. Carlos Carrillo's dedication to community service is deeply rooted in his extensive volunteer work. He has been instrumental in the Steps to Success Program in Tucson, where he has championed educational equity and empowerment among diverse student populations.


Additionally, Dr. Carrillo has contributed significantly to the Northern Arizona University Alumni Association in Tucson as a chapter leader, organizing community engagement events and leading fundraising efforts to support university programs. His commitment to education extends to his volunteer efforts with the Tucson Unified School District's Steps to Success Program, where he has supported initiatives designed to provide world-class educational experiences and promote empowerment among students. Through these roles, Dr. Carrillo has demonstrated a profound commitment to enriching the educational and personal growth of students across multiple communities.


As Dr. Carlos Carrillo steps into his role at Highland Community College, he is poised to drive transformative change with a strategic focus on implementing innovative academic programs and bolstering faculty development. His commitment extends beyond mere administrative duties; it encapsulates a vision where Highland not only retains its stature as the premier educational institution in Northeast Kansas but also sets new benchmarks for excellence. With an unwavering dedication to surpassing both the academic and personal growth expectations of its students, Dr. Carrillo's leadership is set to profoundly enrich the quality of life and stimulate economic prosperity within the communities Highland serves. His forward-thinking initiatives are anticipated to create lasting impacts, fostering an environment where education and community development intersect seamlessly.

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