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First Highland Medical Coding Student Passes National Exam

published January 22, 2016First Highland Medical Coding Student Passes National Exam

First Highland Medical Coding Student Passes National Exam

Bridget Larocca, an online Highland Community College student from Nevada, has become the first Highland student to pass the national certification examination in Medical Coding.  The Highland Medical Coding program is taught entirely online; Medical Coding is an ideal program to teach online since many jobs in the field can be done from home or via distance and students can get used to dealing with the assignments/job expectations from those locations.

Larocca was working at a little family practice in Nevada, working as a receptionist. She was able to help the coders in that office a few times and really enjoyed doing the coding. She was already in school by that time studying for a degree in Criminal Justice, and decided to check into some more programs.  Larocca saw that Highland was offering a degree in Medial Coding, so she decided to go for it. She has been going to school for a long time, is a single parent, and working full time, which is why online degree programs are so attractive.  Larocca noted, “This has been such an amazing goal and accomplishment in my life. I have always been one to never give up on anything I set my mind to and college was no exception. Being able to attend Highland has been great; I was able to start my classes when I actually lived in Holton, KS, and I was able to continue my classes once I moved to Nevada.”

In addition to the online coursework, Medical Coding students are required to do a practicum.  As she started her practicum, Larocca found that she loved coding even more. Doing the practicum really helped her understand everything she had been learning in the online coursework. All the guidelines and sequencing of codes made so much more sense when she was able to actually do them.

Regarding the national examination, Larocca commented that it was probably one of the hardest tests she had ever taken. It was also the most stressful. To prepare, she obtained a study guide that included four practice exams that approximated the actual test. Over two months, she prepared for the test by pacing her studying like she was taking the four-hour test. Larocca used every minute of the four hours and felt confident in her preparation.  Her success on the exam is testament to that. 

Larocca is now employed and enjoying her work in the Medical Coding field.

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