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22 STUDENTS EARN NJCAA Academic Award winner

published July 1, 2019

Twenty-two Highland Community College student-athletes earned NJCAA Academic Award Winner honors for their work in the classroom after the 2018-2019 school year, the most to receive this award in a single year in school history.
NJCAA Academic Award Winners are given to student-athletes across the association who were certified on the official team roster and finished with a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or higher during the academic school year, counting hours from both fall and spring semesters.
Depending on the students cumulative GPA, students could earn First Team (4.00 GPA), Second Team (3.80-3.99 GPA) or Third Team (3.60-3.79 GPA) for this award.
Five Scotties earned a perfect 4.0 GPA this school year and earned First Team NJCAA Academic Award Winner; Emma Cohalla (Volleyball), Amber Hildebrand (Volleyball), Elizabeth Hays (Softball), Isabella Konieczka (Softball) and Sara Shinn (Softball).
Seven Scotties earned Second Team NJCAA Academic Award Winner and another 10 student-athletes earned Third Team.
Below are the student-athletes who earned NJCAA Academic Award Winner honors during the 2018-2019 school year:
First Team:

Emma Cohalla Volleyball
Elizabeth Hays Softball
Amber Hildebrand Volleyball
Isabella Konieczka Softball
Sara Shinn Softball

Second Team:

Jonathan Thompson Football
Alexis Hodapp Softball
Katie Pearson Volleyball
Kennedy Meyer Softball
Xavian Powell Track & Field
Hannah Schmidt Softball
Max Milligan Baseball

Third Team:

Skyler Zirkle Baseball
Brendon Bond Baseball
Jared Wells Baseball
McKinley Jeanneret Softball
Drake Seetin Baseball
Ryan Schemtob Football
Chevelle Sartin Softball
Eric Darden, Jr. Track & Field
Lora Shinn Softball
Hope Eckley Softball

There were three student-athletes who earned both NJCAA Academic Award Winner and NJCAA All-American in their specific sport and those were students were Emma Cohalla (Volleyball), Chevelle Sartin (Softball) and Ryan Schemtob(Football).
Congratulations to this year's NJCAA Academic Award Winner. All students who earn NJCAA Academic Award Winner get their name displayed in a plaque located in the hallway of Ben Allen Field House. These names date back to the 1986-1987 school year. 

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