Welcome to HCC Housing!  


Fall 2020 Move-In Days are scheduled from 9am-4pm on Thursday, August 20, 2020 for Athletes and Friday, August 21, 2020 for non-athletes.  Students may not check into housing early.  Please make sure to reserve your time slot for arrival. (Click on the hyperlink below that fits you.) There is also a MANDATORY housing meeting at 9PM in the Auditorium on August 21, 2020 for all new students in housing!

August 20, 2020- Athletes

August 21, 2020- Non-athletes

All students can check-in at the HCC Wellness Center, which is located on 205 N Prairie St in Highland, KS.

All students must have a completed health form submitted along with proof of a meningitis vaccination and/or a signed meningitis waiver before they can check into housing. Keys will not be issued to students unless they have completed and submitted these items. Health forms and meningitis waivers will be available at check-in.

Students will be encouraged to conduct their own evaluation of their apartment and report any additions or discrepancies to HCC Housing Staff immediately.  All students must complete an Apartment Condition and Inventory Report form located on our website within seven days of move-in. 

Students have seven days after Move-In Day to report any damages discovered after Move-In Day to the HCC housing staff. After seven days, students will be charged for any damages discovered by HCC housing staff during any semester, at the time of check-out or after all students have completed checked out.

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