Highland Community College

Administrative Assistant (1 yr)

Be a part of Highland Community College's Administrative Assistant program and learn the skills you need to get ahead!

As a full-time student in this nine-month program, you will learn to use the most up-to-date computer applications and office equipment and also will gain presentation and job communication skills. You will be equipped to make decisions and practice professionalism in the workplace. Graduates of the Administrative Assistant program are qualified for positions in business offices, including medical and law offices. 

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You can also obtain an associate degree from the HCC Tech Center!


First Semester   Credits
ADM116 Office Simulations I 3
ADM115 Administrative Procedures I 3
ADM121 Proofreading and Editing 3
ADM131* Microcomputer Applications I or 3
  BUS181 Micro App I: Word Processing AND
BUS189 Micro App I: Electronic Bus Pres AND
BUS 185 Micro App I: Desktop Publishing
ADM135 Business Finance 3
ADM138 Project Management I 2
  Total for First Semester 17
Second Semester    
ADM182 Project Management II 2
ADM141 Applied Media Technology 3
ADM152 Office Simulations II 3
ADM161 Administrative Procedures II 3
ADM171 Microcomputer Applications II or 3
  BUS 182 Micro App I: Database Manage AND
BUS 183 Micro App I: Spreadsheets AND
BUS 132 Micro App I: Outlook
ADM180 Accounting I 3
  Total for Second Semester 17
  Total Credits for Certificate 34
ADM 280 Occupational Work Experience and/or Special Topics