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Highland and Rainbow Connect to Provide Services

published October 28, 2014Highland and Rainbow Connect to Provide Services

Highland and Rainbow Connect to Provide Service

As plans were finalized for the renovation of a barn on the former John and Maree Klinefelter property into a conference center, Highland Community College officials began working with Rainbow Communications to get high capacity internet access.  Since Rainbow did not have a tower in the near vicinity, not only could they not get high power access, they could not get access at all.  Working together, the two entities arrived at a solution that will benefit both and also other residents in the area.

As James Lednicky and Angie Kreider of Rainbow worked with Highland President David Reist and Vice President Craig Mosher on possible solutions, they were stymied until the possibility of erecting a new tower became an option.  Through those discussions, Rainbow ended up constructing the tower on the southwest corner of the Klinefelter Farm, located at 1774 230th Street in rural Hiawatha – the Mulberry exit off highway 36.  Constructing the tower provided two opportunities - for HCC, a fiber-to-the-barn internet connection and for Rainbow, the ability to offer fixed-wireless internet service to rural residents in the area.

“This arrangement is the epitome of a win/win solution to an issue which was vital to us,” noted President Reist.  “To effectively host conferences that are attracting nationwide attention and needing worldwide data and information, we needed high speed internet capabilities.  Now we have that.  We certainly appreciate the work and support of James, Angie, and their staffs to make this option a reality.  We are looking forward to ‘flipping the switch’.”

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