Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS110 Contemporary Issues in Sustainability (3)

This interdisciplinary course is designed to introduce students to diverse global perspectives and practical personal solutions related to long-term sustainability. The course focuses on the impact personal and professional decisions have on the global condition and how those decisions can support the objectives of sustainability:  economic viability, environmental integrity, and social equity. Topics covered will include energy, food, land use, water, air, waste, housing, personal health, and community. Instruction will be provided by team of faculty, staff, and practitioners of sustainable living.

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IDS120 Introduction to Leadership Concepts (3)

This interdisciplinary course is designed to provide an introduction to the academic discipline of leadership.  The course focuses on the study of leadership development through the examination of leadership theory and research, identity development, self-awareness, awareness of others, and the application of leadership theories, concepts, and skills.

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IDS130 Culture and Context (3)

Prerequisite: IDS120 and Sophomore Standing

This interdisciplinary leadership course is designed to discover and examine personal cultural identity from a values based perspective. The course will focus on strategies and skills needed to analyze intercultural experiences, events, and dilemmas. The concepts of power and privilege will be discussed as psychological constructs operating across all cultures and contexts.

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IDS140 Creativity Across the Disciplines (3)

This interdisciplinary course is designed to explore human creativity from psychological and practical angles. Students work independently and collaboratively to create and to understand creativity both as an expression of freedom and as a way to improve their flexibility of thinking. A significant benefit will be the opportunity to share their work with a wider audience through publication, exhibition, or performance, and to receive valuable feedback to improve their creative work.

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