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Student Becomes Published Author

published January 8, 2024Student Becomes Published Author

Not many of us can say we’re published writers, but Quantre Moore, HCC Sophomore from Kansas City, Kansas, is able to add it to his list of accomplishments.

Moore began his writing journey by answering a writing prompt in his college English class about an impactful event that happened in his life given by his HCC Composition I instructor, Malinda K Dennis.

Quantre worked through the prompt writing about attending a funeral for an old family friend and former teacher. He provided an insightful glimpse into his personal experience. Dennis adapted her next writing assignment to allow Moore to dive deeper into this impactful event. He improved his word choice and tone with every edit and revision giving a clearer view of the day.

Quantre is one of those students every English teacher wants in the classroom. He takes all information in like a sponge and practices what he is taught to perfection,” said HCC English Instructor, Pamela Fulbright. 

Moore agreed to submit his short story, “The Funeral,” for consideration in Love Lingers Still: A Haunted Anthology of Lost Loved Ones edited by his English teacher, Marinda K Dennis. His story was chosen and was placed as the second story in the anthology.  

“Ms. Dennis encouraged me to continue to edit and improve my writing through this assignment. I am proud to be able to say my writing has been published—that’s not something very many college students can say,” reflected Moore.

Moore, as an HCC student, is very involved on campus. He plays football, works in the HCC Library and is a Scottie Ambassador for the admissions office. He is currently unsure about his next stop after Highland, but plans to play football as he pursues his bachelor’s degree.

“During my time at Highland I’ve learned to be better at balancing all of the different aspects of college life: being an athlete, student and employee. I’m better prepared to go on to my next school,” stated Moore.

To read "The Funeral" by Quantre Moore and other healing stories of loss, stop by the HCC Library to read the College's signed copy of Love Lingers Still

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