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SSS Visits White Cloud

published September 8, 2023SSS Visits White Cloud

Thursday, Aug. 31, students from Highland Community College’s Student Support Services (SSS) traveled north of Highland on a cultural trip to visit the White Cloud School and Ma-Hush-Kah Historical Museum to learn more about the area’s history.


Students enjoyed exploring the museum, writing on the chalk boards and picturing what it would have been like to live in northeast Kansas during White Cloud’s heydays. For lunch, students were also able to try new foods like Navajo Tacos (Indian Fry Bread) and explore the White Cloud Flea Market; a first for many of them!


This was an amazing experience for our students. Linda and Dick Maris presented very interesting facts about White Cloud and where the Mah-Hush-Kah museum got its name. We saw the basement of the Community Christian Church where a fire occurred in 1959 killing two high school students. Seeing the Four State Lookout was the "high point" of the trip. Several of the students were able to meet one of HCC's board members, Vernie Coy, who was serving lunch at the Legion. A lot of information and fun was packed into this educational trip,” commented Becky Gilmore, SSS Director.


Student Support Services is a Tri-O grant program serving 140 students on the Highland campus. SSS offers free tutoring, free workshops, cultural trips and transfer trips to enhance the college experience. SSS also provides study space for students in the program on the second floor of Irvin Hall. For more information, visit our website at highlandcc.edu/sss.

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