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Simpson Resigns Position as Chair of Highland Trustees

published September 7, 2017Simpson Resigns Position as Chair of Highland Trustees

Simpson Resigns Position as Chair of Highland Trustees

Joyce Simpson of Wathena was faced with a decision when her daughter applied for a teaching position at Highland Community College. Simpson was the chairperson of the College Board of Trustees, which has a nepotism policy.  When her daughter, Dr. Amy Foley, was hired to teach Health Sciences at the College, a position in which she had long been interested, Simpson honored the policy and stepped down from the Chair position she had held since July of 2015.  She joined the Board in July of 2011.

Newly selected Board Chair Tom Smith of Highland is grateful for the leadership, dedication, and interest shown by Simpson as a member and then Chair of the Board.  “Joyce was an outstanding Board chair because she cares about education and she cares about the College’s role in education.  Consequently, she did all the extras not necessarily required of the Board Chair, but which show a level of commitment.  She had that commitment to attend monthly state meetings, KBOR meetings, and College events throughout her service on the Board.  She set a high standard for that position.”

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