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Scottie Softball Welcomes Abrahams

published February 7, 2013

Scottie Softball Welcomes Abrahams

While the Highland Community College softball team was on semester break in December, Coach Heidi Jordan was working diligently to add another member to her 2013 pitching staff.  In November, communication began with Natalie Abrahams from Cape Town, South Africa. Abrahams had always dreamed of coming to the United States to attend college and compete in softball.  After a grueling couple of weeks and a lot of effort by many parties, her dreams are finally going to come true.

On January 1, Abrahams boarded a plane to start her life-changing journey.  After forty hours of flights and layovers spent in airports, she arrived in Kansas City to meet her new coaches for the first time. “I was so nervous at first, but then the excitement set in. This is really going to happen for me, my dreams are a reality,” stated Abrahams.

Coach Jordan believes Abrahams will have a lot to offer her 2013 squad since she has spent time playing on the South African Junior National team and competing at a high level against very tough competition. “Her natural athleticism will benefit us in more ways than just pitching.”

Abrahams will look continue the successful tradition of international players in the Scottie softball program. Previous international players Chenxi Jiao from China and Zuzana Kudernatschova from the Czech Republic were both named to the NJCAA All-American team as well as being NJCAA Academic All-Americans.

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