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Proxy War Monument Exhibit in Yost Art Gallery

published March 11, 2024Proxy War Monument Exhibit in Yost Art Gallery

The Proxy War Monument series by Jason Scuilla will run in the Yost Art Gallery March 18 through April 12.


Artist’s Statement:

During the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown, I shifted from my previous artwork to a new series of prints and drawings. These images start with no preliminary plans or sketches. I hand print monotypes from a sheet of glass in my basement, then let my subconscious and daily sensory experiences guide me through a long process of exploration and excavation to reveal the substance of each piece. I call these images proxy war monuments.


The human psyche is a battleground for many modern-day proxy wars. Social and corporate media platforms, religious organizations, world leaders and political parties fight to influence our beliefs, values and opinions. This mental warfare has serious implications for our personal and collective well-being.


The Proxy War Monument series reflects the psychological consequences of the global pandemic, civil unrest and challenging times we are each trying to navigate our own way through. Some of these images are capriccios, or fanciful compositions, that show imaginary monuments to conflict and disorder. Others are portraits. Several have no clear origin or designation for their inspiration or content. Collectively, these images document the impact of global turmoil, political instability, social division and general anxiety on my mental and emotional state.


My artistic vision is influenced by both American and Italian art and culture, which offer rich and diverse sources of symbols and aesthetics. Though much of my work tends to be black and white in medium, the content sits in that mysterious gray area that makes life and humanity so complex, magical and interesting. In my life and in my prints, I try to find that delicate balance between disciplined intensity, seriousness, absurdity and humor. My goal is to encourage the viewer to use their imagination, appreciate the ambiguity, recognize the nuances and question the irrational.


Artist’s Biography:

Jason Scuilla serves as professor of art and head of the printmaking department at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. He is technical director of the National Endowment for the Arts funded Current Prints Arts & Sciences Research Lab and director of the Kansas State University Prairie Fire Printmakers fine arts press. Scuilla’s detailed prints are drawn and etched through an innovative electrochemical etching process. His mastery of this process has been recognized nationally and internationally by the scientific and print communities. He has lectured, exhibited, and demonstrated at universities, conferences, art centers and print shops throughout the world, including the Scoula Internazionale De Grafica in Venice, Italy and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Jason Scuilla lives in Manhattan, Kansas with his wife Melissa, son Calvin and daughter Carina. You may follow him on Instagram @jscuilla.

View “The Proxy War Monument” in the Yost Art Gallery located in the Jack D. Nutt Math Science Building on the campus of Highland Community College in Highland. The gallery is open to the community Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with no admission fee.

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