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New Show in Yost Art Gallery

published October 28, 2013

New Show in Yost Art Gallery

The new exhibit in the Walter Yost Art Gallery on the campus of Highland Community College is the painting and sculpture of J. Neil Lawley.  The show will continue through November 14 and is open to the public from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm during the week.

“My interests lie in the interrelatedness of things, across cultures, languages, and objects. These objects share similarities with forms related to biological processes, anatomy, succulent plants, cloud formations, and molecular orbital diagrams, but directly represent none of them. Acknowledging contradictions, tensions, transfers of energy, moments of stasis and entropy, my ambition is to create a cohesive piece, giving the viewer a felt sense of form.

My most recent paintings are explorations of the effects of color proximity on our spatial perception. The work is based on observations through years of making and experiencing art and traveling around the world. I have seen and taken mental notes on how different cultures use color and the significance placed upon them. The colors of these painted mountains vibrate and oscillate between foreground and background, causing the viewer to contemplate the true shape of the forms.

My way of making sculpture is primarily an intuitive process; one of recontextualizing and re-configuring of found lumber, commercial building materials, and some found objects. These materials once discarded, are re-purposed into sculptural objects. I am drawn to the found materials’ sense of history, and the potential of the new materials.”

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