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Major Mayhem Career Fair a Success

published November 14, 2023Major Mayhem Career Fair a Success

The Highland Community College campus was abuzz with excitement as the Student Success Center hosted its much-anticipated fall Major Mayhem Career Fair at the Walters Wellness Center in Highland. This event, held Oct. 26, provided an invaluable opportunity for students to engage with professionals from a diverse array of industries. The event was a resounding success, drawing in a remarkable turnout of 31 professionals in areas including agriculture, farming, banking/insurance, accounting, human resources, rinancial advising, hospital administration, hospitality, coaching, IT/computer Science, law enforcement officer/criminal justice, journalism and real estate.

Students had the chance to explore each booth, meet professionals in their respective fields and gain insights in the nuances of each career path. Whether they were interested in technology, health care, law enforcement or journalism, the Major Mayhem Career Fair catered to a wide range of career aspirations. In addition to face-to-face interactions, businesses also had the opportunity to display informative handouts and promotional materials to generate interest among students.

"The Major Mayhem Career Fair is a fantastic platform for students to connect with professionals who are actively working in their chosen fields. It not only helps them gain practical insights but also provides valuable networking opportunities," remarked Deanna Beckmann, Student Success Center office assistant, at Highland Community College.

As the event concluded, students left with inspiration and a deeper understanding of possible future career paths. The Major Mayhem Career Fair has once again proven to be an invaluable resource in the journey of academic and career development at Highland.

If you are interested in being a part of this annual event and positively impacting the lives of young learners, our staff at the Student Success Center encourage you to get in touch. To join and contribute your knowledge and expertise, please contact Deanna Beckman, Student Success Center office assistant, at dbeckmann@highlandcc.edu or Kristy Sumpter, Director of Advising and Student Success Center, at ksumpter@highlandcc.edu. Your involvement will be greatly appreciated as we work to create enriching experiences for our students.

Please click this link if you are interested in attending our next event: https://fs16.formsite.com/HCC_Forms/odxwcmurma/index

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