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“Inevitable Beauty” Exhibit in Yost Art Gallery

published January 19, 2024“Inevitable Beauty” Exhibit in Yost Art Gallery

“Inevitable Beauty” by Adam Crowley, artist and associate preparator at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, is on exhibit in the Yost Art Gallery Jan. 17 through Feb. 9.

“My work manipulates the picture plane, leaving parts unpainted or unprimed. By fracturing the pictorial surface my paintings inhabit two disparate modes of being, namely objecthood and painterly illusion. Cropping the image enhances the minuteness of the moment, a quick glance at a moment in time as it begins to dissipate,” Crowley stated.

Brigitte Bruna, HCC art instructor and Yost Gallery co-coordinator, said, “I'm excited to have Adam's work as the Yost Gallery opener for 2024. His ability to take traditional subject matter and processes to create his unique perspective is a great showcase for our students to draw inspiration from.”

Crowy shared, “I also paint still lives from direct observation. I will change the still life several times in the course of the painting and paint each subsequent construction next to its predecessor in order to make a static image unseated. All of this under the idea that a singular way of seeing or understanding is easily countered by small adjustments to your sight of vision and the idea that everything is in constant motion.”

Crowley was born in Kansas City, Missouri, where he currently lives and works.

When reflecting on his childhood Crowley shares,Highland is where my great grandparents lived and where my maternal grandparents grew up. I haven't been to Highland in years but it’s a place that I grew up knowing of. As a kid I was a little afraid of my great grandparents, Gordon and Alfreda [Ledbetter], who continued to live in Highland until their deaths. They seemed like people from another time, stoic and removed. And really, they were.”

View “Inevitable Beauty” in the Yost Art Gallery located in the Jack D. Nutt Math Science Building on the campus of Highland Community College in Highland. The gallery is open to the community Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with no admission fee.

Follow Adam on Instagram at adam_m_crowley where he often shares his process and latest works.

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