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Highland Students Participate in Wichita Grand Opera

published March 13, 2014Highland Students Participate in Wichita Grand Opera

Cutline: Participants from Highland Community College pause in their rehearsal for the Wichita Grand Opera’s production of William Tell, from left:  Taylor Perez, Erin Dolecheck, Megan MecKinney, Dion’Te Granger, Chelsea Waite, Daniel Larrison, Keshana Cook, and instructor Shayna Leahy.

Highland Students Participate in Wichita Grand Opera

Highland Community College vocal music instructor Shayna Leahy came to Highland Community College in 2004 after working with the Wichita Grand Opera (WGO).  As a result of her contacts with the WGO, Leahy has been able to provide excellent educational experiences for Highland music and dance students as they have been able to be part of WGO professional performances. 

This year was no exception and, in fact, proved the value of the student experience as one of the College's alumni, Landon Jackson, was a featured dancer in the production.  He had performed with the opera class there in the past and has continued his involvement with WGO now that he is at Wichita State University.  In addition, current student Keshana Cook (Highland) was able to work one-on-one with the director and Maestro as part of a Master Class for young artists.

Working on this year’s February 23 production of Rossini’s William Tell, the students worked on sets, costumes, props, and ticket sales, in addition to performance work.  This is the tenth year that Leahy’s Highland students have been collaborating with the Wichita Grand Opera, and it is the only program of this type in the nation.

Those joining Leahy from Highland were Cook, Erin Dolecheck (Kellerton, IA), Dion'Te Granger (St. Joseph, MO), Daniel Larrison (Wetmore), Megan McKinney (St. Joseph, MO), Taylor Perez (Lansing), and Chelsea Waite (Kingman).

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