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HCC Ranks First in Student Success Among All Community Colleges

published June 21, 2023HCC Ranks First in Student Success Among All Community Colleges

Highland Community College ranks first overall out of the 19 Kansas community colleges in student success index rate based on 2022 student outcome data.

HCC not only ranked first in the three-year student success rate, but the College also ranked first in goal attainment, degree/certificate completion and enrolled headcount when compared to its peer institutions. Highland ranked second in overall persistence rate of students and third in average GPA at transfer receiving institutions among peer institutions, which is based on full-time enrollment similar to Highland.

HCC President Deborah Fox stated, "I'm proud of the excellent work our faculty and staff do to educate our students and to prepare them for their future. It's always great to be a Scottie!"

Annually, the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) reports student outcome data to community colleges to evaluate student progress and performance in its “Community College Data Book.”

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