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Ganstrom Photography on Display in Yost Gallery

published March 5, 2012Ganstrom Photography on Display in Yost Gallery

Ganstrom Photography on Display in Yost Gallery

The Photography of Wendell Ganstrom will be exhibited in the Walter Yost Art Gallery on the campus of Highland Community College from March 13 to April 14.  The Yost Gallery is open to the public from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each weekday.

Ganstrom, who teaches English and also manages the College farm at the former Klinefelter property in Brown County, has had a love affair with photography since he was a kid, beginning with an old Kodak box camera his grandparents had.  His father fed his hunger for photography through the years with different cameras and exposure to photographic opportunities.                                                                         

Ganstrom was able to expand his understanding of photography beyond just taking pictures when he started taking photography classes at the College.  “Everything I know that matters about photography, I learned from (HCC art instructor) Glen Gross who has been so patient with me, yet always pushing me to improve and not be satisfied with my first efforts.”

Ganstrom notes that “nearly all the prints in this showing have some connection with the HCC photography department, either as class assignments or projects or as part of the many Landscape Field Photography trips we have taken to many beautiful spots in our country.  I have enjoyed experimenting with many alternative processes, yet I always seem to come back to being torn between a love for black and white and a love for color.  On many occasions I have shot the same scenes in both processes for comparison.  I truly believe that black and white has the ability to rivet our attention to objective detail without distracting us with color.  On the other hand, some scenes the beholder has never experienced just can’t be visualized fully in black and white, so color can have an entirely different subjective effect on the viewer. Some photographers like to try and be as original as possible in their technique while others might have some important message they are trying to illustrate.  I find myself simply wanting to share with others the natural beauty that is everywhere around us if we just look for it.”

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