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Faculty Spotlight: Derrik Russell

published March 3, 2023Faculty Spotlight: Derrik Russell

Derrik Russell has been teaching Diesel Technology at Highland Community College for eight years. He developed an interest in light duty trucks and semis while conducting vehicle maintenance during the four years he served in the United States Air Force. He further pursued this field by attending the Hennessey Tuner School. He is more than just an instructor; Lucas Hunziger, Vice President for Technical Education, identifies him as a faculty leader at the Western Center Campus.

Cara Baker, Western Center Director, also speaks highly of him. “Derrik has been a strong leader at the Western Center. He has developed a solid Diesel Technology program at the Western Center and supported the mission of this center since its opening in 2014. He has high expectations for his students and pushes them to complete quality work. He is dependable and we are fortunate to have him as a Western Center Faculty!”

As an instructor, Russell thrives on helping students prepare for a profitable career. He hopes his students will remember him for his drive to always find the information they need, even when he does not know it off-hand. The most helpful advice he received was to focus only on the things you can change or fix and then don’t worry about the rest – otherwise the stress will kill you.

Derrik has found a few ways to relieve some of the stress in his life. Over the past year he has attended multiple rodeos and might have indulged in some mozzarella sticks, his go-to snack food. If you pass him on the road, you might even catch him singing along with Shania Twain’s “I Feel Like a Woman.” And for those who enjoy reading, he recommends anything by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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