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Diversity Awareness Week

published February 2, 2012

Diversity Awareness Week

Highland Community College’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) hosted its first campus-wide event where students, staff, and faculty were given a handcrafted rainbow-patterned ribbon to show their support for the diversity of HCC.  Along with the ribbons, each day of Diversity Awareness Week was assigned a specific color in accordance to the rainbow – Monday was red, Tuesday was orange, Wednesday was yellow, Thursday was green, and Friday was blue/violet.

Starting on Monday, the group was stationed in the Scottie Pause with ribbons and information regarding the wide diversity on campus and all around the United States.  By Wednesday, GSA had given away over 300 ribbons to any individual who wished to wear it. In addition, the group saw a handful of students, faculty, and staff wearing red for Monday.  By Friday January 20, the number of participants grew as well as the reoccurrence of the rainbow ribbon.

The Gay-Straight Alliance would like to thank those who participated in the event by showing their support and helping make the week a success.

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