Highland Personnel to Present at National Conference

published September 28, 2016Highland Personnel to Present at National Conference

Highland Personnel to Present at National Conference

As part of its process for evaluating instructors at Highland Community College, academic administrators use a technology system that provides the instructor and evaluator with ready data for improvement.  Dr. Cheryl Rasmussen, Vice President for Student Services at the College, explored ways that technology could be useful in student affairs, particularly for documenting student service processes in the College’s accreditation work that is focused onc.

One result of that exploration is a partnership between Highland Community College Student Services and Southwest Plains Regional Service Center that has resulted in recognition by a NASPA, a nationally-affiliated organization made up of student affairs administrators in higher education.  The combined efforts of Highland Community College and Southwest Plains to develop a customized, digital observation process for recognizing quality service in an educational setting has generated interest across the region.

The collaborative team was recently informed of the acceptance of two proposals for presentation at this major, dual-region conference:

Get at the Heart of Student Success: Observation of Student Affairs Staff

This will be a team-based concurrent session focused on use of the Digital eWalkThrough System for supporting development of professionals in student affairs.

The Heart of Student Affairs: Regularly Checking the Pulse of Our Work

This innovative presentation in TED-talks format will be presented by Dr. Cheryl Rasmussen.  Rasmussen will focus on use of the data for continuous improvement in delivery of student services.

The NASPA conference will be held in St. Louis, MO, at the Historic Union Station on November 15-17, 2016.  Rasmussen and her team – comprised of Stephanie Peterson, Director of Admissions; Lisa Parsons, Director of Student Support Services; Di Hinrichs, Director of the Wamego Center; and Cara Baker, Director of the Western Center -- will be accompanied by Dr. Susan Jenkins, Research & Development Consultant at SWPRSC.  The combined team will represent higher education and community colleges in Kansas and have the opportunity to experience other innovative partnerships and research from across the Midwest.

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