Housing Terms and Agreements

These Terms and Conditions are included as part of the contract between HCC and the residents of HCC Housing.

This is an agreement for room and board accommodations. I agree to rent a room at the rate as specified by HCC per semester and to pay for my board at the rate as specified by HCC per semester. Prices listed are subject to change by the approval of the HCC Board of Trustees.

I enclose herewith a check or money order made payable to Highland Community College in the amount of $150 as a security deposit for housing accommodations (if not previously paid). If I do not reside in an HCC apartment for the full term of my agreement, refund of the deposit will be made in accordance with contract printed below. If I reside in HCC housing for the full term of this agreement, refund of the security deposit will be made on or before forty five (45) days have elapsed from the date I terminate residence, less deductions for damage and any other unsatisfied obligations due HCC. In the event the one hundred fifty dollar ($150) security deposit is reduced by reason of charges against it, I agree to add to such deposit an amount sufficient to bring back to one hundred fifty dollars ($150).

I understand and agree that:

  1. The College reserves the right to reject my application or any other applications for accommodations in HCC housing.

  2. If my application is accepted by the College, I will promptly pay all charges for the accommodations assigned to me at the rate established by the Board of Trustees for the College.

  3. I may occupy my room and meals will be served me according to the HCC Housing Calendar, which is subject to change by the College without notice.

  4. I may not alter or amend this application-contract without agreement of both parties.

  5. The inability of the College to grant my assigned preferences shall not void this application-contract.

  6. The College reserves the right to change the requirements for the Housing Complex.

Contract Conditions:

  • CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: Your contract is a lease agreement with Highland Community College for the Fall semester and Spring semester. Your contract may be altered under the following conditions:

    • If you notify the Campus Housing Director in writing by June 1 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester that you do not intend to live in campus housing, your deposit will be refunded within 45 days and you will be released from your contract.

    • If you notify the Campus Housing Director in writing after December 1, for spring and June 1 for fall semester, but before registration day, that you do not intend to live in campus housing, your deposit will be forfeited, but you will be released from your contract.

    • After registration day, HCC will not release you from your housing contract and you are expected to pay your rent for the academic year.

    • At the end of the fall semester, you may be released from your contract if you notify the Campus Housing Director in writing on or before the last day of the fall semester. Your deposit will be returned within 45 days after inspection.

    • If you notify the Campus Housing Director in writing after the last day of the fall semester, but before spring registration day, that you do not intend to live in campus housing, your deposit will be forfeited, but you will be released from your contract.

    • After spring registration day, HCC will not release you from your housing contract and you are expected to pay your rent for the semester.

  • ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: HCC will notify the student after a room has been assigned to the student. HCC reserves the right to change the room assignment and to require the student residents to move to a like accommodation if such a change appears to be in the best interest of the student resident or the College.

  • PRIVATE ROOMS: When space is available, private rooms are generally available in Ellis, Prairie, and Piper Halls only. Other private rooms, if available, may be obtained for an additional $200 per semester. HCC reserves the right to reassign residents who do not pay private room fees to a room with another occupant.

  • VACATION POLICY: HCC housing will be officially closed and no food service provided during all of the official College vacation periods. If a student should desire to stay in the housing during semester break or spring break, the student MUST OBTAIN WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE CAMPUS HOUSING COORDINATOR. There is a $15 per day charge.

  • ROOM INSPECTION & HEALTH & WELFARE INSPECTIONS: The College reserves the right to enter students’ rooms in the interest of health and safety, when a violation of College policy, housing policy, or law is apparent or probable cause is given and during Health & Welfare Inspections. Your assigned Resident Assistant, Campus Housing Coordinator, or the Vice President for Student Services may conduct room inspections once a week. The Highland City Police and/or canines, used for the detection of illegal substances or weapons, may accompany HCC officials during room inspections.

  • ROOM FURNISHING AND SERVICES: Campus Apartments, Ellis Hall, Heritage Hall, and Rubeti Hall are all furnished with a couch, study desks and chairs, beds, individual closets, drawer unites, living room chair, dining table and chairs, a stove and a refrigerator. Utilities are paid. Each bedroom contains a computer outlet to the HCC network for each occupant.

  • FIRE, THEFT, OR DAMAGES: HCC shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any of the student’s personal property from any cause whatsoever. The student shall reimburse HCC for all damages to the structure in which he or she is housed and all damage to, or loss of any fixtures, furnishings, or personal property furnished under this contract caused by negligence on the part of the student or his/her guest. In the event that the accommodation assigned to this student is destroyed or otherwise made unavailable and HCC does not furnish equivalent accommodation, the contract shall terminate and all rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall cease and the rights of HCC and students to payments previously made by them shall be prorated on the basis of the period for which accommodations were made available to the student.

  • RULES AND REGULATIONS: The student shall comply with all the rules and regulations of HCC housing in which he or she is a resident and of the College, which are now hereinafter in effect, which rules and regulations are specifically made a part of this contract by reference. In the event that a student ceases to be enrolled as a regular student at HCC, such student shall immediately vacate his or her accommodations, if requested to do so by HCC and, if vacated, HCC shall be under no obligation to refund any payment previously made.

  • MOVE IN: Students may move into their rooms on a date determined by HCC, usually the day of final registration, unless participation in HCC activities requires the student to be on campus earlier.

  • MOVE OUT: Students must move out of their rooms by 6:00pm on the last day of final exams for each semester.

  • The FEES SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION SHEET are considered a part of the housing contract. 


  • PAYMENT INFORMATION: Housing Deposits can be made over the phone through our business office at 785-442-6001 or you can send a check to the college Attention: Housing Director. Your full housing and meals must be paid on or before registration day. A payment plan option is available. For more information on the payment plan go here- https://highlandcc.edu/pages/payment-plans 

  • By signing the housing contract, you agree to let Highland Community College apply financial aid to any fines or fees placed on your account while you are living on campus.

  • BACKGROUND CHECKS: All students must agree to the completion of a background check before their housing contract is considered finalized. You authorize and consent to a criminal background check before your housing contract will be processed. You also agree to submit to fingerprinting, if requested for such purpose. HCC may also request copies of official documentation of completion of diversion agreements, etc. if necessary. The background check process may or may not be completed prior to the date of move-in. If information is provided on the completed background check that indicates the student may be a danger to the safety of the campus community, the student will be required to vacate campus housing.

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