Kansas Board of Regents Enrollment Information

published October 13, 2020Kansas Board of Regents Enrollment Information

On October 1, 2020, the Kansas Board of Regents released enrollment data for the state’s universities and community colleges.  The Kansas Community College system experienced a sharp decline in enrollment for the start of the fall semester, a direct result of COVID-19.  Kansas community colleges typically serve students who face greater barriers to higher education, which were magnified by the pandemic.  In addition to the economic hardships being experienced by many Kansans, the disruption of K-12 education last spring and this fall hindered the assistance students would have normally received to enroll in fall classes, dual-credit classes, and/or SB 155-Excel in CTE technical education classes, and the continuing concern about individual health and safety presented unprecedented challenges.  The Kansas community college system looks forward to working with Kansas policymakers, industry leaders, and our secondary education partners to ensure students understand the value of higher education, and how the education and training they receive is critical to being able to fill open jobs within the Kansas economy both today and in the future.


During economic downturns, the Kansas community college system has always been a key component of the economic recovery through training, re-training, and up-skilling employees to ensure they are able to return to the workforce swiftly.  Reaching out to any potential student who could benefit from higher education and/or training and connecting them with their local community college is an excellent action step that all Kansans can take to help their neighbors and the Kansas economy.  Scholarships are available, and depending on income, these scholarships could fully fund the entire cost of community college education.  As Kansans pull together to overcome our latest challenge, the Kansas community college system stands ready to assist students to ensure they receive the education or training they need to provide a prosperous future for themselves, their families, and the state of Kansas. 

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